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Five Universal Traits Of Your Target Market

No matter your industry, product, or service… ALL target markets share five common traits. And by target market, I’m referring to the super-specific group of consumers your product or service is aimed towards. It’s vitally important to understand these ideal prospects, because you simply cannot afford to market to everyone. In fact, the ONLY way to compete in today’s […]

How To Use The Power Of Story Telling

Storytelling is a very powerful way to get and hold people’s attention, and in this age of social media we need to stand out, be different in order to get noticed. Find your story and use it to help others to connect with you while you build an everlasting brand. I’m about to guide you to learn […]

Go Live With Confidence

Going Live is THE best way to get exposure on social media…going Live With Confidence is even better! Pressing that Go Live button can be nerve wracking  when you’re starting out for the first few times, or maybe every time…perhaps your first thought would be to run away, rather than push that button! I know it sure […]

Entreprenuers Are Different

Entrepreneurs are changing the world.They just don’t do certain things like blame the economy, their boss, or what their parents did or didn’t do when they were kids. They realize no one else will “fix” their situation. And they certainly don’t wait for permission to pursue their passion or create the life they deserve. Does this resonate with […]

Why Do People Buy?

Every entrepreneur wants the answer to this question, and for good reason. There’s lots of reasons why people buy…I’m going to reveal one of the most important ones that make people buy. One point though, before I tell you what it is, let’s talk about how we sometimes forget a deep rooted fear in people especially when […]

How To Enroll New Team Members Without Prospecting

Do you find yourself avoiding things that you don’t like to do?And, isn’t cold calling one of those things… that your upline emphatically told you to do…that you are avoiding?If you are anything like me you know that nauseating, squirrely, nervous feeling that swells up inside you when you even get close to the phone.You […]

How To Rapidly Attract Prospects And Recruits Without Bugging Friends, Family Or Strangers On Social Media

Would you like to know how Attraction Marketing can help you to rapidly grow your online business, completely obliterate rejection, and give you a completely unfair advantage when it comes to prospecting and recruiting?Read on if that sounds appealing, because that’s precisely what I’m going to share below.Your unfair advantage comes from building your brandIt […]