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5 Critical Warning Signs That Prove You Might Be Spamming

I ‘m going to get right into it, so, here they are!

🙄1) You put a link to join your opportunity in the first private message to a stranger.

2) You get angry emojis👿 and replies on messenger.

3) You post links to your opportunity or website in the comments section of other people’s social media posts😬

😩4) No one has asked you for information but you are obsessed with explaining about your products or company.

***** 5) You always have a hidden agenda or purpose behind conversations.  Everyone on social media is your prospect and you work towards informing during any interactions online.

Number 5 is the one that almost caused me to quit completely.

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I refused to continue prospecting for my network marketing business this way even after I briefly followed my upline’s recommendations for offline recruiting.  

Did you know that it’s the same story offline or online…

…I know, very controversial.

But, here’s what happened to me when I quit doing these things…

My business started to thrive and so did I.

“My Business Started To Thrive And So Did I”

I am myself again, now that I can visit with my family and friends and not be preoccupied by thoughts of prospecting them.

No more hidden agendas consuming me…and those around me!

You are probably wanting to ask me how my business thrived when I didn’t prospect anymore?

Well, I found a better way to … 

Use Social Media To Leverage Your Efforts

Mentors, extraordinary mentors, that is the reason I was able to quit prospecting.

And I found a strategy using online recruiting which gave me freedom from prospecting and set me up to:

  • Passively generate leads, customers and new representatives – even when I was enjoying my family and friends or sleeping
  • Have Facebook (legitimately) help me to attract the people who are looking for what I have to offer, using their ad platform (works for other platforms also)
  • Open my inbox every day to find notifications for new leads, new customers, new team members and commissions I earned while away from my computer

Hard to believe, I know!

I have watched my fellow network marketing friend, who is on social media, constantly sending private messages and commenting on people’s posts all day long.  She thinks she is doing internet marketing, but she is NOT!

She does not understand that online prospecting and internet marketing are NOT the same thing.

You see when you are not working your internet marketing strategies are working for you. When my friend is not working, prospecting online, she is really not working.

If you want to learn about these internet marketing strategies that have worked for me and many others, – give this a try!!

You’ll also get more details about an ebook which goes into the details of my recruiting & selling formula.

Now if traditional prospecting online or offline is your thing and you want to stick to that, by all means, go for it.

There are many top trainers and earners who focus on cold market recruiting skills…

(And they do ‘attraction marketing’ too!)

For me, it is important that i do things the “right way”.  I want to live my life and not have a guilty conscience.  

I would much rather make a ton of money in my business first and then have my friends and family beg me to tell them more about it.

It’s much better than begging my friends and family to join a business which isn’t making any money.

How about you?  Which would you prefer?


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As always, I wish the best for you,



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Christine Adderson

My passion is to empower people with the entrepreneurial spirit to create the online lifestyle business of their dreams. I teach valuable skills and social media strategies to get more leads, team members and sales.

  • joel T moore says:

    Hello Christine… When I read about your condition it got my attention. I, like you, have a spinal cord injury and have been robbed of everything I have enjoyed doing all my life. Being forced to retire network marketing was my last hope. Just can’t seem to get the ball rolling from my wheelchair here at home. So, if everything you say is true, I’m in. This might just be my last chance. Thanks in advance.. Joel Moore

    • cadderson says:

      Joel, yes!! Don’t give up, you can make it happen from your wheelchair in your home, believe me, I’ve done it!! You’re very welcome and please do stay in contact with me!

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