Go Live With Confidence – Christine Adderson

Go Live With Confidence

Going Live is THE best way to get exposure on social media…going Live With Confidence is even better!

Pressing that Go Live button can be nerve wracking  when you’re starting out for the first few times, or maybe every time…perhaps your first thought would be to run away, rather than push that button!

I know it sure crossed my mind…

  • What if I forget what I’m supposed to say?
  • I could make a mistake and flub it all up
  • The whole world will see it and I can’t edit it

You’re not alone.

But before you go running, I’d like to show you the benefits and guide you with some key pointers so you can go Live with confidence.  In this video I talk about the fear that is so real for many people and how you can help yourself with that fear.

First, How To Tech Stuff…

Here’s what you are going to need –

  • Smart phone – hold it horizontal so that if fills the whole screen
  • Selfie stick – if you don’t have one just use your arm for now
  • Tripod – good to have

Have the camera above your eye level… you will feel like you are looking up. This is the way that works for the best for connecting with people.

Look directly at the small hole in the camera, NOT AT YOURSELF. When you look at the hole in the phone you are looking at the people on the other side.

Second, How To Start…

1.  Go to your page and hit the Go Live button

2.  Add a title. It will go to a screen where you can add a headline. Think about: What’s your live about and what are the benefits for the person watching. Why would they want to watch your live, what is it going to teach them, or what problem is it going to solve?

3.  Hit the live button to actually Go Live!

Watch my training below for “How To Do Your First Live”…

Third, Anatomy of a Live…

  • State Your Title and Description – this is very important.  This is what is going to get their attention and keep their attention.  It’s good to ask a question here.
  • Replayers – ask people who are watching the replay to comment 
  • Introduction – your name, where you are coming in from, what you do – keep it brief.  Here’s an example, “My name is Christine Adderson, I help entrepreneurs and network marketers to take their business online the right way, using Attraction Marketing.”
  • CTA (Call To Action) – this needs to be done within the first 7 seconds!
  • Ask for Engagement – comment, share, etc.  eg) “Can you relate?” or “Give me an emoji”
  • Three Main Points of Content – relating to your title
  • Ask for Engagement – “if you got value from this…”
  • CTA – repeat your first Call To Action
  • Thank you – ask for some more engagement eg) “See you next time.”

Forth, Content…

I know what you are thinking… What can I teach about?  Watch the video training above…

The best way to get content is to invest, learn, make it your own, and share.

  • Invest:  Learn from other reliable resources…take the time to really learn it  
  • Make it Your Own:  Use your own words and ideas on the same topic.
  • Share:  Go Live…smile, have lots of energy and enthusiasm and deliver your content.

Remember:  You don’t need to be perfect, just do it.  Commit and enjoy the process, practice will help you feel confident.  Evaluate rather than judge your Lives…look for ways to do things slightly differently each time.

Go Live with Confidence!


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