How to use hashtags on Facebook – Christine Adderson

How to use hashtags on Facebook

What’s old is new again – as hashtags are re-introduced by Facebook to help small business online. 

Anything you can do to increase organic reach is good and this is definitely worth it!

I’m going to show you how use hashtags to increase your organic reach!

I did a lot of research into this because I wanted to find out exactly what the best way to use hashtags is…So this is what I found out…

In 2013, Facebook had hashtags on their platform, and then they removed them. Then recently, it was reintroduced onto the platform under #supportsmallbusiness.

Note:  you may be getting some notifications, some pop-up notifications that are prompting the use of hashtags…some are, others are not.Also you’ll notice perhaps a browse button and that browse button can be seen on posts to help you discover more about using and including hashtags in your posts.

Notes about hashtags:

#1.  Like on Instagram, you can find hashtags by searching.

You can just put them in the Facebook or the Instagram search bar, and you can find hashtags there. Although on facebook, there is not the capability yet, to find the number of hashtag users. I’ve heard that that is going to be coming.#2.  The Facebook hashtag feed pages are only for posts that are made public. So if they’re private posts, you won’t be able to do this.#3.  You have to make your posts public; personal profile or your business page, and then that is what gets your posts into the hashtag feed.#4.  Like on Instagram as well, Facebook has a maximum of 30 hashtags per post.

Information about hashtags:

#1.  You can start using it any time. They’ve introduced this again through support small business which is great for us.#2.  A quick and easy way I’ve found to use hashtags is to group them. Have a list, have a group of hashtags that is your list that you want to use. Then you just copy and paste that onto your posts… It’s easy.#3.  If you don’t want the hashtags to be seen, you can put a period return period return period… Or a dash return and make a few returns on your post and then put your hashtags below that then they won’t be seen on your post.#4. Because the number of users are not shown on Facebook yet. You can always go into Instagram, search your hashtag there, find out the number of users, then come back into Facebook and use the hashtag that you’ve chosen.  You can get the related hashtags. You can get the group lists that way until it’s rolled out in Facebook, which should be fairly soon.One last tip I have for you, which I’ve tried out and it works really well.That is… #5.  If you have posts on Facebook already that you’ve done, let’s say last week, a month ago, that have really high engagement, you can go back into those posts and add your hashtag groupings that you’ve made.  You can just copy and paste your hashtag group into that previous post that got high engagement and that will increase your engagement even more. If that is a useful to you, let me know. And if you like those tips, I have more for you.

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