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How to get more team members on social media without cold calling

Since we are all instant digital networkers now, we have literally been forced to build our businesses online, socially.

I'm going to explain to you how to do this on social media in this blog but before I do, let me show you what happened when I spoke with one of my students the other day...

Her biggest concern was cold calling.

She said it over and over again. Maybe three times, "I don't want to do that cold calling. Can you help me not to have to do that?"

My answer was yes!

I know this because I've helped hundreds of people, probably thousands of people to take their business online: to get feeling much more comfortable on social media, to attract people, teammates and customers.

So here's what to do...

#1.  Get a Facebook Business Page

You need a business page to get going on social media with your online business, from home. It's worth doing, and it's easy.

You can look into the Insights. You can find out when your audience is on. You can delve into paid advertising a little bit. There's so many benefits of having a fan page.

Tap into the world that social media platforms offer us..the right way!

You can find more information HERE.

#2.  Brand yourself

There's a lot of information out there about branding yourself. For me, branding yourself means several things.

Firstly, it means having a social media strategy. It means having posting that you enjoy doing, where you know the intent behind your post, you know the end goal of where you want your prospect to go, where you're guiding them along a path.

You have a strategy that's effective for you and knowing the priorities around your social media strategy.

Secondly, it includes information that is valuable to your prospect, not about your product, not about your company.

This strategy is very important in branding yourself. You'll get known as being a person who delivers value.

#3.  Build a following

It's not about copy and pasting generic messages into messenger. That's not how you build your following. That's not how you build your following with integrity. That will not help you in the long run.

     It IS about this:

#1.  showing that you love and you care for people out there. We are humans treating each other as humans. So it's about showing that.

#2.  becoming a person of value. If you are valuable in the marketplace, then people are going to want to sign up with you. They're going to want to be with you. They're going to be attracted to you.

#3.  becoming uniquely positioned so that you can help people with their problems.

If you are positioning yourself so that then you can help them with their problem, then they're going to be more attracted to you and you don't have to cold call. You don't have to reach out to a cold audience anymore.

#4.  become respected by those who you are helping.

It's not enough to just be out there doing your stuff. You need to then turn over to becoming a person of value and then being respected by the people who are looking towards you for help.

What have you done? How many people have you helped? Do you have testimonials? Things like that, that's, what's going to help you to be respected by those that are looking to you.

Now you can create a personal message that resonates with your prospect. This personal message comes from knowing that you care about other people and becoming the person of value.

If you you'd like to know more about how to craft your personal message CKICK HERE for current, exciting ways to go SOCIAL today so that you can show people your product and then you teach your teammates to do the same.

That's when the powerful duplication comes in... when you take these tips I've given you and you teach your teammates to do exactly the same thing.


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