ABOUT ME – Christine Adderson


You have a tremendous dream to build a successful business…

You’re eager to do whatever it takes…

You recognize the truth too though.  You’ve heard that 90% of businesses fail and never beat it…

There’s so much information out there, you either listen to poor advice or you become completely confused…

And…before you know it, years have passed and nothing has changed in your life.


Glad to meet you!

I’m a wife and Mom of three wonderful adult women, 12 incredible horses and 2 sweet dogs.  

I’ve had an exciting, fun-filled life, but, I’ve fallen often…but that’s okay because I’ve been true to myself, followed my dreams, always searching for my purpose in life…it’s been quite the ride!


By far the biggest challenge I have ever faced was my serious spinal injury.  

I was injured a couple of times, by horses, the very majestic animal that I loved to be with.  I had adjusted and was coping, but my body was worn out.

My spinal injury launched me into a state very close to paraplegic where I could barely feed myself, I could not do my daily activities, and I was forced to sleep (read: no sleep) on my back which led to extreme sleep deprivation.

Having been a professional dancer and athlete all my life, my world fell apart.  I went into a totally unfamiliar reality.  I struggled, and searched, and struggled some more…and came out on the other side a different person.  I found a brand new direction to my life that opened up wide doors of exploration for me.  I was shown how I could use my lifetime of experiences to help others from my office at home, without physical activity!


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

And that is indeed what I did, with mentors and an education system, that changed my life and business.  I was pushed beyond my comfort zone and on to build a momentous business.

Here’s what my business does for me

  • Leads pop into my inbox every single day on autopilot, 50 – 70 of them each day!
  • Commissions grow – it’s like Christmas morning when I wake up each day!
  • I always have good people to talk to from all over the world, who want to work with me! 

I work in my home as a full time online entrepreneur, with my husband and with my dogs by my feet.  And, my horses that I care for are still a huge part of my life because my back has healed and I can continue with my passion and love…everything equine!


My goal is to help you create the success you want by being your guide and friend on this amazing journey of building your business online using proven strategies and leveraging the power of social media.

When we work together I’ll help you build a better way to reach your prospective customers using digital marketing.  You’ll learn the new world of the buyer and earn your way by understanding what matters to them, how you can fit into their understanding and show them an experience that aligns clearly with their needs and wants – online attraction marketing.

Visit my blog…there i share my expertise and knowledge to help you shorten your learning curve. 

I love helping people and animals to live a life of bliss!  It gives me great joy to nurture curiosity in others and to help them to reach their life goals.  Teaching people and watching them create their own wisdom is exciting! 

Let me help you to become wise.  Let me guide you to find your exquisite visions; teach you how to make your visions a reality and grow your business exponentially. 

Dream and together we can open doors for you; in life, health, business and wealth.