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Entreprenuers Are Different

Entrepreneurs are changing the world.

They just don’t do certain things like blame the economy, their boss, or what their parents did or didn’t do when they were kids.

They realize no one else will “fix” their situation.

And they certainly don’t wait for permission to pursue their passion or create the life they deserve.

Does this resonate with you?

Even if your business isn’t where you want it to be today

You’re not going to work 50 hours a week until the day you die for someone else’s benefit, living paycheck to paycheck, counting pennies into your golden years.


If your reply is “that’s right!” then you’ve answered the call of entrepreneurship.

To speed ahead on your call of entrepreneurship go here.

The 3 Acts of your Entrepreneurial Journey

Here are the three acts:

  1. Separation (the Call to Entrepreneurship),
  2. Initiation (the Road of Trials), and
  3. Return (Cresting the Summit).

Once you understand the journey, you’ll be able to guide yourself and other folks through it.

You’ll soon see how mentorship and becoming a mentor in turn are integral to the process.

Let’s begin.


The journey of every entrepreneur starts with desire—the desire to live life on one’s own terms.

All that matters is that you refuse to settle and you refuse to quit.


Because it’s tempting to be complacent and live an average life.

That’s easy.

And let’s be real—building a network marketing business (or any business) is hard.

Failure to start is why most people ultimately fail

Most people listen to their “inner critic”—their limiting beliefs, the pain of their past experiences.

They say things like…

“I’m not good at math; I’m not good at writing; I don’t have a natural talent for selling.”

All that junk.

But at the end of the day, that’s all it is—junk.

  • Richard Branson is dyslexic.
  • Jerry Seinfeld was booed off stage during his first gig.
  • Henry Ford went broke 5 times before founding Ford Motors.

Etc., etc.

(I’m sure you’ve heard dozens of such stories before.)

So no—failing a few times does not excuse you from success.

Once you’ve heard the Call, there’s no turning back from building a network marketing business.



Most people fail to successfully build a network marketing business or any business.

That’s no joke—most ventures (like 9-out-of-10) end up making NO money.

And even when you’re doing well…

Sooner or later everyone winds up facing difficulties.

You WILL face them—ask anyone who’s achieved success.

People will “hate.”

Some will reject you—brutally.

Even your friends and family will caution you, often with the best of intentions.

And even when you achieve success, the Journey’s far from over.

Now there’s going to be a target on your back.

People are going to want what’s rightfully yours.

That’s life.

“Gee,” I can almost hear you ask…

“Can I skip all that with a mentor to guide me through!?”

The answer is “no.”

And that’s the way it should be!

Here’s why…

Yes, you DO need a mentor; having one is key to your success when building a network marketing business.

After all…

  • Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Maya Angelou mentored Oprah.
  • Heck, even Mother Teresa was mentored by Father Michael van der Peet.

Who knows if all those people would be successful without their teachers?

Your mentor is your strategist and most honest critic.

To succeed…

You must concentrate your desire to shine light into the pitch-black unknown that is your future.

Let’s proceed…


The final, though never complete, phase of your journey…

Is becoming a leader and mentor in your own right.

Perhaps paradoxically…

Along the way you realize your journey isn’t about you or your needs.

Heroes and entrepreneurs alike aren’t serving themselves.

No, they serve a higher calling of service to others.

In business, your key insight is to discover the needs your prospects don’t yet know how to satisfy for themselves without your help.

Read that one again.

And hey, they might not even know what they need.

After all, who needed an iPad before it existed?

Who didn’t need an Apple Watch until after it existed? 😉

Or, how about this…

A Xerox think-tank invented the personal computer, complete with a mouse and point-and-click interface.

But the executives couldn’t understand how they would help anyone make better copies.

They were stuck in their own dying paradigm.

So the technology was shelved until Jobs and Gates came along to essentially steal these ideas.

Crazy, right?

Not everyone has the vision or courage to see what will best serve the market.

In this stage of the Journey, your ego is your biggest adversary.

So here’s your objective…

Give people what they need to reach their goals

Once you understand the journey, you can become the guide.

Become the Obi Wan to their Luke…

The Hagrid to their Harry…

The Gandalf to…

Well, you get the picture.

See, facing your own challenges and trials qualifies you to help others do exactly the same.

And that’s how you help other people get what they want.

Which is the key to reaching your own goals.

Like Zig Ziglar said…

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Thus, Act 3 of the journey is all about helping others and providing value.

That’s the heart and soul of any successful business.

At the end of the day…

We’ve all got to slay a few monsters to get to the top—and we need all the help we can get.

Life isn’t a solo act.

It’s a team effort.

Your third act is all about being inspiring to others and guiding them through their second act.

Providing value to others is what makes you a leader

And creates deep, lasting abundance in your life.

Got it?

Okay, let’s recap!

  • Act I – The Call to Entrepreneurship
  • Act II – The Road of Trials (with the help of a mentor)
  • Act III – Cresting the Summit (through service to others)

This model is universal, older than the pyramids.

  • The first act is all about desire—you’ve got to get off your butt and take action.
  • Act II is about perseverance and having the humility to learn from others.
  • The final act is cultivating leadership and providing value to others to receive your ultimate reward.

And how do you become a mentor?

How do you engage in leadership?


You’re not a leader until you’re leading.

Leadership is a verb

And the first step is attracting an audience to serve!

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As always, I wish the best for you…

Bye for now,



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