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How to choose a mentor or team to work with

Those both work together...

Do you know the right questions to ask?

I'm going to help you with those questions, I'll show you what they are, which will help you to make your decision when you're looking to choose a mentor or you're looking to choose a team or someone to work with.

Right now, perhaps you are looking to work with someone or maybe you're looking to join somebody's team. I was speaking with someone the other day, who is exactly in this situation, a student of mine.

She was in a position where she was stuck, she was frustrated. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know where to go next. So I'm going to show you how I helped her.

She was already with numerous teams and she was juggling all these different teams. Then she had somebody who had another opportunity come her way, presented it to her.  She said, "I feel like I need to do this one too."

I gave her two questions to consider,  that are key questions (these might not end up being what you think they should be)  They will definitely help you with your decision.

#1.  Am I ready for this?

Things come into our life for a reason. Things are presented to us for a reason. This person had been presented with this opportunity for a reason and now she had to make the decision.

She had to make the choice. It was challenging, but if you accept that it comes into your life for a reason, then you can be clear about it.

The next step is to say to yourself, "Okay, am I ready for this? Am I ready to take on full responsibility for my actions?"

A lot of times we have pressures from the outside. We're going through hardships and it's really difficult to get the clarity that we need in order to make our decision.

So when I asked her, "Are you really ready for this? Do you think you have time for this? Do you think that you are in a place that you can handle this?"

That gave her the clarity that she was looking for and she was able to make her decision.

# 2: Do I trust this person? Do I trust this method? Do I trust this team to facilitate me and where I want to go?

Are they congruent? So what they say and what they do, is it congruent?

How do they show up? Are they consistent?

Are they willing to wait for me?

As you listen to their stuff, what is the energy that you get from them? What draws you to them? Is there a positive and abundant mindset?

Have you ever worked with somebody who is negative? You're trying to move forward in your life and then they come in and they're negative.

As you're trying to make your decision, you need to look at... Are they positive?

Do they have an abundant mindset or are they continually working from scarcity or fear?

Do they align with my values?

What is the general feeling that I get around their values? Would I want to hang out with those people or that team.

Would I want to go out for lunch with them? Would I want to spend time with them? You're going to be spending a lot of time with these people.

If they have an energy around them, that makes you want to be with them, spend time with them, have lunch with them, that is important to consider too.

Do they build the way you want to build? Do they build on social media?

So these questions that I gave my student gave her clarity. I asked her, "Are you ready for this? Is this the thing to do in your time of life?"

And do you trust this person, this team, the program that they have to facilitate you going where you want to go with it?

After you're presented with an opportunity, you have the choice, and these are the two questions to help you to make the choice.

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