Social media changes that will affect your engagement – Christine Adderson

Social media changes that will affect your engagement

There are so many social media changes lately, and they definitely do affect our engagement.

…so why is engagement down?  And what can we do about it?

We can pivot – meet the existing environment and adjust what we do.

Here’s the why and the how…

Social media engagement is down …because our friends and followers are spread too thin. There is so much out there. It’s no longer just a newsfeed that we see. We see things like Stories. We see Lives. We see Watch Parties. There’s different groups, there’s all kinds of layers of groups. There’s so many places where people can absorb content. Some people like to be on a Live so they can ask questions and get answers and help immediately. Some people like to be in a more closed group scenario. People choose the way they want to absorb their content and there are so many options, which makes it more difficult to get engagement. Also, platforms are constantly upgrading their algorithms. Algorithms have become very intelligent and are now showing people only content that is relevant to them. 

Now what can we do about it?

Recently, changes happened in Facebook where the notification settings were changed.

Educate our audience

In private groups, because there’s so much information that the platforms are having to deal with, they’re only showing what are termed as highlights in your newsfeed for that group. So what you need to do… Is you need to go to the group that you’re in and if you want to get more than just the highlights, go to the group, then next go to notifications, click on the notifications and then click on “all posts.”


You’ll see a dropdown arrow that will come down, click on “see all posts.” That’s how you can get all of the notifications and not miss out on some of them that Facebook screens out for you. 

For business pages, you’re going to go to the business page. You would go for example, to my business page, click the “follow” button, right at the very top, there’s a bar with the buttons that go across the top. And then click “in your newsfeed,” it’s what you want to see in your newsfeed, click “see first,” and then make sure you click “all on.”


So that means in your newsfeed, you will get to see my notifications first and you will get to see all of them, if that’s what you want. If you don’t instruct people in their newsfeed, it’s going to be screened by Facebook because they can’t show everything. The last I want to tell you here is what we’ve talked about lots before, It’s very important that you are consistent.

Be consistent

Bring value day in and day out. You’re building your brand and you’re attracting your ideal audience to you. This is on a very consistent basis. And if you’re consistent, it’s just that one little step every day that builds, builds, builds, builds… Respond to those changes and grow. You’re going to grow by educating your audience in the ways that we talked about here and also being consistent.


Start quality conversations…If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I talk about this a lot. We’re on social media here, so that means it’s about being social… And how we are doing that on our business page or revolving around our business, is by creating conversations that are quality. You can start those conversations. You can continue those conversations. This will build your brand, build your influence…and when people are then ready to purchase, they will think of you. They will come to you with a question, they will get help and then when they’re ready to purchase, they will come to you because you’re in their mind.

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