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Social media posts that grab prospects’ attention

Would you like to create posts easily and have them be effective?  And would you like to be clear about what you’re going to post?

And would you like to speak to people who are qualified so that you can save time?

Of course!

I know what it’s like to struggle with posting.  I’d put a post out, and it would feel like I was posting into a black void where nobody commented or even saw them. 

…very frustrating beause I’d spend a lot of time on it.I’m going to give you examples of posts that you can use and how you can create curiosity, create connections, and create those important conversations by using these three super effective types of posts on social media.

There’s a lot more information on using social media to build your business so you can have more leads, sales, customers and team mates HERE

Let’s get into the posts… 

#1.  Join up post (relationship post)

Those are posts that give people an idea of who you are. For example, today is my wedding anniversary and my husband and I have been married for 41 years. If I post about my wedding anniversary today, that is a lifestyle post which shows people a little bit about my life. The purpose of this post is the join up with each other.

#2.  Insider post

It’s almost like a secret or looking in through the back door idea to help your prospects grow and to show them what you’re going to teach next. They feel like they’re special. They’re getting education, tips and trainings. The purpose of this post is to get your people excited about what is coming next.

#3.  Foundation post (support post)

These are posts that are going to offer free training and create a sense of community so that people feel supported.That sense of community is important.  A sense that people feel they’re part of a group. Discussion is free, easy and welcomed.

The Foundation Post is the value that you present and teach.


Now we’re going to talk about how to approach those posts –  there are two methods.

Method A – Lead with a question

The first way is to lead with a question. So that’s always creating curiosity and they feel like they want to answer your question.

#1 A … Here’s an example. A Join Up post as a question. So this is number one, the Join Up post, and being done as a question.“What are some of the positives you see in ______?” 

You could say, “In this situation we’re in or your business right now?” Join Up posts are all about building that connection between you and your audience. Not only are you giving your audience a chance to express themselves, to answer your question, but you’re also driving curiosity to those who want to know your thoughts about your question because you’re putting your thoughts in the comments as well.

     #2. A  Let’s go to the next example, which is the Insider Post.

“If I were to do a live training on whether intermittent fasting is actually healthy, would that help you? Drop into the comments and I’ll connect with you later.”

A question that’s very pointed and very directly asking what your people want to know…or what kind of little insider training that they would want to get that would apply to them very directly and very specifically.

     #3A. The Foundation Post

“What’s more valuable to you to learn right now?”

And then there’s several questions that they can choose from: 1) How to set up a daily routine that works. 2) How to avoid gaining 20 pounds during quarantine. 3) How to homeschool your kids, keep your house in order and run a business without going crazy. So as you build connections with your audience through these questions, you’re learning more about their pains and struggles. Because if they pick number 2, how to avoid gaining 20 pounds during quarantine, you would know a little bit more about what their pains and struggles are on a daily basis at this time in their life.The major part of building curiosity, connections and conversations comes from building a supportive community around these problems. You’re building a community that is very supportive around their specific problems. They’re having a problem, starting their business online. They are frustrated. They’re overwhelmed with the choices. You’re really building curiosity, connections, and a community using these questions and using those types of posts.

Method B – Lead with the fill in the blank

Lead with the fill in the blank is the second approach to those three types of posts to help kickstart your online business.

    #1. B  Join Up post with fill in the blank

“What’s more important to me right now is ____?”

It’s an open-ended response that you’re looking for and your audience can put anything in the blank there. Then you can use their response to tailor your other posts, your next posts, to make sure that you’re giving your audience what they want. So not only are you making a post that is building connection and relationship, but you’re also gaining information as well, which is really a double benefit of doing this kind of post.

    #2.  B  Insider post with fill in the blank

 “_____ is the most effective way to lose weight.  My answer is in the comments, it engages your audience and it keeps them interested.” 

You’re letting them insert what they want to… it’s easy enough to do, it doesn’t take your people very long.They can insert what they want​ in the blank.It starts a conversation but of course you need to have enough knowledge and information to be able to answer this. So you need to speak to their response and you need to keep the conversation going.

   #3. B  Foundation post with fill in the blank

“My favorite way of staying connected to other people right now is ______.”

Here, even more, you can directly engage with your audience. You can ask them things like, “How they’re coping with the situation right now, or how they’re managing, or if they’re getting back into work now, or getting a schedule that’s more how it used to be perhaps?” So you can stay in touch with people, even though it’s at a distance by building curiosity. If you’ve asked yourself, “What is a proper curiosity post.” This is breaking it down into a lot of detail.


You’re building curiosity to start, then you’re getting connections with people and then you’re leading that into conversations.

And from there, from the conversations, you can take it into more sales, more leads, more teammates, more clients or whatever you’re looking for….

For even more information about posting and using using social media to build your business so you can have more leads, sales, customers and team mates HERE

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