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Social media changes that will affect your engagement

There are so many social media changes lately, and they definitely do affect our engagement. …so why is engagement down?  And what can we do about it? We can pivot – meet the existing environment and adjust what we do. Here’s the why and the how… Social media engagement is down …because our friends and followers are spread […]

How to use hashtags on Facebook

What’s old is new again – as hashtags are re-introduced by Facebook to help small business online.  Anything you can do to increase organic reach is good and this is definitely worth it!I’m going to show you how use hashtags to increase your organic reach! I did a lot of research into this because I wanted […]

How to recruit on social media

…the right way. There is a right way, and there is a wrong way to do this.In this article I’m going to show you what is not so right and then I’m going to show you how to make it right.Right now, I have a very successful post on social media. It’s getting about 300 […]

How to chat with prospects on social media

Maybe you’re starting to get conversations going… they’re opening up and you want to be a conversation starter, but you don’t know how. You reach out to people, perhaps, and you get nothing back. Maybe there’s commenting that is going on and you just don’t know how to make the transition over to messenger. I’m […]

10 tips to get SOCIAL POSTS SEEN

How would it feel to have your posts on the top of people’s newsfeeds and stories at the beginning of the story newsfeed consistently? And what would it feel like to know that posts and stories are getting seen on social media, rather than disappearing into a black void? Billions of people are posting on social media […]