How to get more engagement and fill your digital pipeline – Christine Adderson

How to get more engagement and fill your digital pipeline

Since we’ve all become digital networkers, overnight, we now need to know how to fill our digital pipeline, and that involves engagement on social media.

How would you like to boost your engagement on social media? I’m going to give you a three step process and strategy that works. It works because it will help you to be clear with what you’re posting on social media and why you’re posting on social media.

What is the purpose in the first place and what is the end goal? It’ll show you how to fill your digital pipeline. 

It’s all about being consistent, knowing what to post to get attention, to generate leads, to create conversations and to build a powerful brand.  I’m teaching this strategy to my students and they are getting great results…… and those great results are translating into multiple sales, customers and teammates.

Ready?  Here’s the strategy…

#1.  Create intrigue and curiosity

Have you heard that before?  What does that really mean? There are three types of posts that are directly aiming to create intrigue and curiosity.

Here are are three types  of posts you can use:1) THE JOIN UP POST2) THE INSIDER POST3) THE FOUNDATION POST

Those are the three types of posts that you can use that will really help you to gain traction and get the engagement you’re looking for. When using these posts you can ask questions or you can do a fill in the blank. ​These work so well at generating curiosity, because people get to choose. People get to choose what they want to learn, and they feel like they are part of the process. That is important to consider because we are dealing with humans. We are human.

#2.  Create conversation

It’s not all about leads. It’s not all about buying. It’s about creating conversation on social media.You need to know what your prospects want. So you can solve their pains or can talk in your conversation about solving their pains. You can give them hope. You can provide validation to them and you can provide them with solutions. This is what you’re going to talk about in your conversations. Once you get curiosity going, you get people reaching out to you and this is what you talk about in your conversations. You’ll give people tips. You show them that you want to serve them and also make sure that you follow up. Once you’ve started conversations, make sure you go in and you follow up afterwards.

#3.  Resulting Connection

From Curiosity, to Conversation to Connection.

Connection leads to community. People start to feel connected to you. And when they start to feel connected to you, what do they do? They start to show up for you because they can resonate with you. and that’s what builds your community.I get a lot of people saying to me, “Well, I don’t have a community. How can I do this if I don’t have a community?” You do have a community. If you have people who are commenting on your posts, then you have a community because you have listeners. You have people who are showing up for you, they want to interact with you and they want to interact with others. The connection is the third part of this strategy where you are going to deliver value. What are your people struggling with? Position yourself as a leader so that your people know that they can come back to you if they have questions, if they need help. They think of you and they come back to you.

As you’re building connection, as you’re building community, you are building influence as well. You’re building your brand, you’re building your influence and people are going to follow you.​

Curiosity, conversation, connection. Those are the three steps of the process. This is how you build your digital pipeline.

Did you know that overnight we are all basically digital networkers?We need to now build our pipeline digitally. If you don’t, it’s going to fall by the wayside. Your business is going to dissolve. If you’re just starting out, you need to build your business digitally. And a digital pipeline is the way to go. So what I’ve just described to you, this process and this proven strategy, the steps, the curiosity, the conversation, the connection, community…that’s what’s gonna build your digital pipeline. If you’d would like more about how to get more engagement easily and effectively without having to spam friends and family on social media CLICK HERE to get your free video series training…become a digital networker!In that training I show you what I did to generate leads and to build my business online. When I started from nothing, I knew absolutely nothing about social media.

If I can do it, then you can do it too.


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