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How to chat with prospects on social media

Maybe you're starting to get conversations going... they're opening up and you want to be a conversation starter, but you don't know how.

You reach out to people, perhaps, and you get nothing back. Maybe there's commenting that is going on and you just don't know how to make the transition over to messenger.

I'm going to show you what's not working and then what is working with examples that are working.

Here's the sequence that we would ideally like our prospects to follow...

Put a post out on social media, ➡️get a message back, or get a comment on the post ➡️ you want to reply to that comment or ➡️ take them to messenger ➡️ conversation ➡️ sales, team members, clients.

I'm going to compare and contrast. I'm going to give you the mistakes that people are making and then the solution to those mistakes. 

I made these mistakes, that's why I so much want to give you this information, so you don't make the same mistakes as I did!

#1.  Too much information

Daily I get these kinds of messages and here is an example:

"Hi Beautiful. I do care so I'm going to share. I'm partnered with (company name) from the beginning and it's a wonderful business helping people with the product on demand." (And then a bunch of emojis)"Our drops have the technology that is life changing." (More emojis) "You got working (company name)... message me! Personally I'm practicing stillness surrendering to what is sit in silence, breathe." (more emojis).

That is an example of the first mistake that I'm talking about which is people giving way too much information. Telling me about the business, telling me about the product, giving me links, giving me the names of their products... is just way too much information.

I'm quite sure that she's not getting responses to that message. It's taking her a lot of time to do that and she's probably not getting anywhere with it, which is unfortunate.

Now let's turn it around. Let's compare and contrast... And now the solution.

I have three questions for you...

1) Who is my response for? There's a person behind this. When we deal with social media all the time, and messenger ...sometimes we forget there's the person on the other side.

2) Who is that person and what are the basics they need to know to help them solve their problems? What's going to help them to feel connected to me and help them to open up to me in a conversation?

3) Do I have information or a story to share? People relate very much to stories, it's great to talk about something that happened to you. ​


Under share rather than overshare.

You want your prospect to overshare back to you because you are under sharing. ​

#2.  Too many questions

I see this a lot. People are adding three or four questions, one behind the other and what that does to somebody, especially on messenger, it's just too much and so they don't respond.

You want to just give a little bit so that it's easy for someone to respond to you.

Example of too many questions is this: "Thanks for responding. How are you, where are you from? What inspired you to reach out?" That's just too many questions for somebody to answer all in one go.

Another example is: "Great work on losing your weight that you want to lose. How are you?" So again, it's too much. Giving too many questions confuses the situation. So make it simple.

I'll give you an example. You might just want to say, "What resonated with you?" One question so that they can respond to that one question. It's easy and you can then keep the conversation going.

I know that you've been taught to send people to replicated websites. I was taught to do that as well. I did that. I found that it didn't work. It didn't get me what I was looking for. That is a big mistake.

The reason is this... you're forcing them to make their own decisions. You may have probably more than two products. Your company has maybe up to 25 products or more.

There's too many choices for people and it's too hard for them to make a choice. But for you it's easy isn't it? You just give a link to your replicated website to buy product.

There's no tech issues with that, it's always updated. But on the downside it gives people too many choices and it also gives your prospect control.


Keep control of the conversation

You're solving their problems and you're listening very deeply. You want to listen so deep that you know exactly their struggles on a very deep level. And then you're going to offer feedback and it may be also in the form of a story.

This is an example of how you can keep the control of the conversation rather than giving it to someone else. "Based on what you're sharing with me, I can share with you something that's really worked for me and also what hasn't worked. It's visual. I like seeing things, (lots of laugh emojis), so it's better on a video chat. Would you be open to seeing what's effective in helping me with (blank)? It'll only take (blank) minutes." 

This way you're keeping control of the conversation. When you have given this comment back to them or a response in messenger, when they come on a video chat, you can walk them through your replicated website. This is where you can use your replicated website. 

The video chat is very effective with the situation that's happening right now. People are more open to video chats than ever before because they've been doing lots of them. So zoom is a good way, a good product, a good software to use for conference, video chats or one-on-one.

One thing I wanted you to notice is that I said, what hasn't worked. Because sometimes it can be even more effective to tell people what hasn't worked for you. It didn't work for me to go on a diet where I had to starve myself all the time.

And the other thing was the time factor. It will only take 10 minutes or however minutes do you want to spend because time is valuable to people. Time is money. So people can say to themselves, "Oh, it's only 10 minutes, I can do 10 minutes. That's not a big deal." 

#3.  Progress too slow

Would you like to have prospects who move quickly? How we do that is we add into your conversation certain things to prompt action.

You can add in deadlines like, "There's something very special happening this Friday so it would be a good idea for you to jump in because it'll be gone after Friday at midnight." You can say, "I've got time at 2:00 PM tomorrow or 9:00 PM tomorrow. So what works best for you?" That's a good way to help people to make a choice.

Another thing that people like is to feel supported and this will help the process to not be too slow. You could say something like, "I'd love to support you today or I'd like to help you today and I have 2:00 Pm and 9:00 Pm available."

Another one is limited quantities. "I only have five spots available for people to work with me one on one so if you'd like an application, I'll send one out to you." Something like that...

Time with you is important for people. People want to spend time with you, but time is limited.

If you would like more information about this, I've just touched the surface here, but if you'd like more information and a lot more on systems to automate your business, CLICK HERE.

Work on your conversations, getting them transitioned over to messenger, which is then going to get you more sales, more teammates in the end. This is what's hot right now. Messenger is what's working...let me know how these tips work for you.


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