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7 SECRETS to building a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE business

Are you struggling to build your business online?

Maybe you're feeling that there's so much to do...I know I felt like this and had a very real struggle with getting all of the moving parts together.

Well, perhaps you've heard these "secrets" before, you might already know them, but this may be a different perspective that you haven't heard before. Maybe just a slightly different way of looking at things....which will help you to build your online business, as it has helped me.

As we go through these seven actions,  think about how you might evaluate yourself on each of them...where do you stand?

#1.  Focus

What I mean by focus is that you have drilled in a very specific clear focus

You have blinders on - you don't look sideways. You don't lose your focus, your concentration.  No distractions.

Now that does not mean that you are close minded. You're still going to be open minded and have an open outlook on things, but you are focused without distractions coming into it.

And part of that focus is loving what you do.

#2.  Passion

Loving what you do will come out in your presentation of your business...as attractive passion.

Now, you don't have to absolutely love every aspect of what you do for your business...I don't love some of the parts of it, but you enjoy most of it.

You already know your market and because you can have passion, you can have focus.

If you don't know your market, then you just have a hobby...you don't have a business.

So what do you think? If you evaluate yourself, do you have the focus that I'm describing? 

#3.  Collaborate

So that means collaborate with fellow like-minded people.

That will help you out tremendously. You can't do it on your own. Collaborate with others so that you can do this together.

Find somebody who is in your niche and maybe do Lives with them, do an interview with them, do a chat with them, do something that is collaborative because that will only help your business out.

You know, a lot of people think that they're going to keep everything to themselves and not work with other people. That frame of mind is past.

We are on social media, collaborate with other people, get into other people's audiences and bring other people into your audience. It will only help you. ​

#4.  Mimic successful people

You already know some people who are doing what you are doing successfully in your niche, don't you?

Go out and mimic those people. Another word that sometimes we hear is model those people.

It's not copy because you still have to add yourself in there. You still have to put yourself, your special-ness in there, but you can mimic what's working for other people because then you know what's trending. 

#5.  Be prolific with your content

Create lots of content! Go out there and create tons of content. See what works, test it, and see what doesn't work. 

Now, if you were to evaluate yourself, would you say that you are doing very well, are you creating lots of content and just pushing content out there? What do you think? 

#6.  Build a team

So you are going to do what you're good at, aren't you? I mean, some people think it's better to find what you're not good at and that's what you need to do. 

Well, I believe that to a certain extent. We can learn the components of perhaps that "action" that we're not good at.

Let's say we're not good at writing headlines for example.  We can learn the components of writing good headlines for future reference when we'd like to outsource that particular skill.

What is your personality and what really drives you ...  focus on that

And I'm not saying don't learn what we're not good at, but then think of building a team and finding people that maybe would fulfill those things that you're not good at.

And perfectionism is not important because if you do lots, if you put lots of content out there, you will eventually find your way and then your content will become very high quality content.  

You're finding people who might fulfill the things that you are not good at or the actions that you are not particularly good at. 

Having in the back of your mind, how you are going to build your team and what might be the actions that you need... to find people for that team to come. What will comprise your team?

 If you're not at that place where you're building a team for yourself, then you're working at building your audience with that in the back of your mind.  Click here to discover a super wonderful resource to help you to build your audience and build your team

#7.  Your core values

I think this is very important and I like to look at it in one word. So if you go back to my very first action or one of the secrets that I talked about, mine was focus and that is really my core value.

It breaks down to describe a core value. What is your one word that you can describe your core value being?

Things might be integrity or fun or belief. 

Do you have one word right now that you can describe as your core value?

Have the one word that is your conviction, your value, your core value in life and in business. That will help you to really drill specifically and then attract your audience to that core value. 

Let's recap...

Okay, let's recap the seven secrets to building a successful online team:

  • Focus
  • Passion, but know your target market
  • Collaborate
  • Mimic other people, but be yourself as well
  • Be prolfic with your content
  • Build your team
  • One word that is your core value

Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think might get value from it. 

REMEMBER:  Find the one word that resonates most with you and then from there, expand on that, but have that one word that creates clarity for you. And in turn, you will create clarity for your audience.


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