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  • Not just ANOTHER social media big with these 4 TYPES OF POWERFUL POSTS

How would you feel if you could easily create simple posts that resulted in enthusiastic fans, followers and prospects who engaged with you and asked you what you have to offer? 

And how would it feel if you knew your posting plan and could follow it easily calling upon curious people without stressing about what you're going to post today?

And what if people actually shared your posts, frequently, because you're getting attention rather than sounding desperate or pushy?

Attention getting posts…the kind that demand attention, encourage your audience to take action, and warm up cold prospects into ready-to-buy customers?

It would feel great…

I'm going to show you how, all you have to do is accept that you can change the way you're posting  now, make a simple shift, and then start to win big with your social media POWERFUL POSTS.

Afterall, you're smart to be using social media to grow your's where everyone is!

But are you being effective on social media?

Here's a couple of examples of ineffective posts that you may have seen lately:

  1.   When you lead with your wallet, with a hidden agenda, it shows up in your posts...people can pick up that energy instantly and will steer clear away from you.or
  2. When you post your link all day long, on other peoples' ads, in groups, in messenger (the list goes on and on) people will steer clear of that too...I used to get it all the time and it's annoying.

Now let's have a look at how to make that'll see, it's easy and you'll wonder why nobody has shown you this before.

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TIP:  Once you start this new way of posting it's a good idea to check how you're doing by going through this checklist.  Are people doing these things when they read your post?

  • Connecting in a meaningful way
  • Sharing your post
  • Giving quality comments
  • Experiencing emotions
  • Recommending you


Here they are!

1.  Curiosity Post


People love to follow people who share their life!

It helps them to connect with the real you and then you can add in a bit of your business activities without actually promoting products.

This creates curiosity!  And our goal is to create curiosity ---> if they want to know more they can talk with you!


This may be a photo of you helping someone or perhaps a photo of you on stage or with one of your mentors... mention of company name


This is where you can share results of someone on your team, or your results presented as a story.  

There is no Call To Action with this type of post.


  • Take the opportunity to congratulate someone publicly
  • pique curiosity of other people
  • spread the success
  • recognition of others will only help you!


  • Tell what happened to you
  • Your journey
  • Give a clear Call To Action... here's an example                                                                     "If you want to know what I recommend, send me a message"

News Flash

  • A big announcement
  • Something completely new
  • Promote a new training

2.  Information Post


People love to give their opinions on social media.

Here's an example of a Question Post:

What do you think are the top 3 things that people struggle with in...?

Fill in the Blank

A few examples are:

The best way to describe me is _________________________.

The biggest thing that most people fear is __________________________.

Sneak Peak

Be super raw and real!

People absolutely love stalking other people to see what they're up to, so give them a sneak peak into some aspect of your life, whether it's at an event or perhaps just you relaxing on the weekend.

3.  Vulnerability Post

In this example of a vulnerability post my planned guest had technical problems and the Live couldn't run as planned.  Fans loved it though, because of the impromtu feeling to it and the resulting vulnerability.

  • Shows you're human and relatable
  • Promotes connection to you

4.  Inspiration Post

Inspiration posts are great to help people to get to know you also...

But remember, make sure they are self-branded.

Here's an example of a great self-branded inspirational post:

Remember to always ask yourself before you write your post...

What's my intention behind this ________________? (post, Live, picture, connection, conversation, video, etc.)

And again, notice I did NOT say…

  • Talk about your product,
  • Let people know what the product is, or
  • Talk about your company!

Equally important…

Don't spam your links!

Ignore the training your company gave you, if they're telling you to spam your links and the product all over the place.

And if you just take action on what I shared with you here, I guarantee you'll be getting much better results than whatever your company is teaching you.

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