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10 tips to get SOCIAL POSTS SEEN

How would it feel to have your posts on the top of people's newsfeeds and stories at the beginning of the story newsfeed consistently?

And what would it feel like to know that posts and stories are getting seen on social media, rather than disappearing into a black void?

Billions of people are posting on social media every day...

So that means it's a busy place.

I'm going to give you 10 tips that will help you to get your posts more priority in the newsfeed and get you more noticed on social media.

Let's jump in...

#1.  Create conversation

You want to make sure that your post is it's going to create conversation.

Conversation means it gets more engagement, which means to Facebook specifically, that's more meaningful interactions and that will get more priority.

The number of words and the number of characters, including emojis that you put in your comments, the better. This generates conversation between people which will show higher in the newsfeed.

Also remember to reply. When your friends have put comments on your posts, remember to go in and reply because then it'll be shown more to those friends in their newsfeed.

And above all, the number one thing that you want to do is create quality content. These tips are all revolving around quality content.

#2.  Be relevant to your audience

Your audience has specific needs and wants and you know what those are.

So create what is relevant to them... what is going to inspire your people, what is going to encourage them to take action?

What is going to empower them, what is going to make them feel good in their day? That's what you want to post... something that's relevant to your people.

#3.  Ask questions

This is a great one...

Ask questions because everybody loves to give their opinion. They love to tell you what their opinion is. If you ask them a question, this allows people to share their thoughts and, you may even get some kind of a debate going on there with good intentions.

You can also get very valuable feedback from this.

For example, you could ask a question and have three options for an answer. So you get feedback to your question and you also get interaction and engagement on your post.

When you ask a question, you want to use some key words and here are examples of the keywords that you can use.... You can use "should," "would," "which," or "who" in your question. This sets up a question that's fairly easy for people to answer.

If you use a question that uses words like "who or why," that requires more thought from your people. And so they may just decide not to answer the question because it's too much ​effort.

4.  What content inspires you?

Pay attention to that. I

f you see a post that inspires you, you can save that post and go back to it later. ​

What videos do you watch? What do you engage with?

Pay attention to those things because if you save those and create a folder, you can refer back to them.

Then you can notice what it is about those posts or the video or the inspirational quote... what is it about that that got your attention? And do more of that.

#5.  Make people feel good

Number five is posts that are relevant, trending and making people feel good. People like to feel good, whether it's a funny post, maybe it's something you say that makes them feel good. Maybe it's something that's trending.

Maybe it's in the news right now. Well the news doesn't always make people feel good, but if you can take something that's trending and turn it around to make people feel good, all the better.

#6.  Draw attention to your post

Use elements that draw attention to your post. So again, if you find a post that you really like, save it and analyze it... ​

Elements that draw attention are things like a great image or high quality or high definition. Something that is going to jump out and grab somebody's attention as they're scrolling.

#7.  Don't use links

This is pretty important because when you're on a social media platform, they want you to stay on that platform.

When you use an external link, which means if you post the link to a YouTube video per se on your post, that takes people away from, for example, a Facebook platform. Don't use links in your posts because then that platform will show less of those links to your people.

#8.  Avoid asking for engagement specifically

 This has changed fairly recently. I think probably about a year ago people used to say words that were asking specifically for engagement. And now that is not allowed anymore.

You need to choose words that are going to be more allowed and not continually ask for engagement. If it's organic engagement, great people are responding because they absolutely feel that it's value or it relates to them. That's what Facebook or the other social media platforms want.

#9.  Post often and consistently

I would recommend posting one to two times a day at least.

And look when your audience is on, find out when your people are on, and that's the ideal time to post.

Then choose times that are spread apart so that those posts are not overlapping. They're not competing against each other or overlapping in the time that they're sent out. It takes time for them to get out, etc.

Now, how do you know when your audience is on?  You can look in messenger. You can make a note for yourself that you want to look in messenger, say, four times a day just to do your research. Check your messenger at those four times a day for three to five days and see when your people are on.


You can look and see the green dot beside each person, which means they're actively on messenger. And that gives you a great point to know when your people are on. If you have a business page, then it's easy and you can do it through the insights.

#10.  Post more stories

You get a lot of engagement with them.  There's been research showing that there are 300 million posts on stories every day.

The research shows also that three to five times a day is what you can post on your stories because then it puts your story in the forefront of the story feed that goes across horizontally.

Your stories are your behind the scenes.  Save your premium content for your news feed. So your premium content is stuff other than what you would put on your stories - highlights or very high quality content, whereas your stories are just what's happening in your day.

Just a quick review. I gave you 10 tips to help you to get your posts prioritized on social media. It's a difficult time right now with so many people on social media, all of the rankings are going up as more and more people are on, they have time, they're home, and they're spending more time scrolling.

These tips will help you to get seen more to help you to get the priority so that you are actually on the top of people's news feeds or in the front of the story, horizontal newsfeed. 

Please leave your messages if you found this valuable.  And let me know...

What are you going to implement from this information?


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