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How to build a HEALTHY TEAM all from home

Lockdown does not have to mean shutdown...

I'm going to help you discover the number one skill that you can develop to learn to grow your team and to take your business online the right way.

Because now is the best time to learn skills. Times are very difficult and really if we look at this, what's happening in the world... never before have we had in history such a sudden shock that has been global like this in such a sudden way.

All of a sudden people are having to change the way they're living. They are now maybe not going out to their job, to their work... they're now forced to stay at home and look at life a little differently.

And as people are taking their businesses online, it's becoming apparent how difficult it really is... to work your business from home. 

Two years ago, I was lying flat on my back... not able to do any of my daily activities on my own. I was either sitting very still not able to move or lying in bed not able to move. Sleep deprivation was a real thing for me at that time.

I couldn't sleep, I couldn't roll over onto my side, I could barely feed myself. It was a challenge just to sit and feed myself. I couldn't sit at a table and eat. I had to sit with a table right underneath my chin so I could just do the minimal of movement to feed myself.

And life was a shock.

... not a worldwide sudden shock. So life was very difficult and my whole life had taken a turn because I had a severe spinal injury.

I was working with horses. I had a business where I taught people how to ride horses and how to be with horses that I loved immensely...

I lost my ability to work. I lost my ability to make an income. I lost my passion, my joy, and I was forced to be locked down. It was a very challenging time in my life.

What I did is I resorted to going online. I would spend hours and hours on my computer with my head buried in my computer, day in and day out, not knowing what each minute would bring and not what knowing what each day would bring. 

 I found a post, I clicked and this time was the click that changed my life.

This is the click that changed my life...only it's my free training that shows you what I did!

It changed my life completely in every possible way. It made it so that I could build online and I continued from that point to build my business online until the point where I became one of the top producers in my company. 

And in not very many months... I think it was about nine months, I became the top producer in my company.

I learned how to automate online. I learned how to have people coming to me rather than chasing them and feeling lousy about prospecting in all different locations that weren't appropriate.

I couldn't do face to face because I was at home, but I went to the spamming techniques online that made me feel terrible. I didn't want to do them...but that's what I was told to do.

If this sounds like a story of struggle that you've been through, let me know in the comments below because we've all been through these struggles... and at this time, right now, when we have a huge lockdown, it doesn't have to necessarily mean that we shut down.

It's a time to be creative and it's a time to explore other options.

I would like to help you to discover the one skill that is going to help you in all areas of your life... in your business, including business online, including building a healthy team from home...

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How I went from being completely paraplegic to recovering, growing my business online and growing a healthy team all from home because I was basically having a personnel lockdown.

Okay, this is what we're going to talk about... how to tell a persuasive story

A persuasive story is very important in building your online business. Whether you're looking to find team members, whether you're looking to make posts on social media, whether you're looking to do ads on social media or whether you're looking to do videos.

You need to bring your audience on an emotional journey with you and it has to mean something to them.

How are you going to do that?

#1.  Paint a picture

In this blog, I did exactly what I am describing and explaining to you here. ..Paint a picture so that your audience can see what you see.  I told you how I was flat on my back, I couldn't do anything. 

I painted the picture that I couldn't feed myself, sit at the table and I couldn't roll over in bed. Those are details and specifics that will paint the picture so your audience knows exactly where you are. 

You're stuck at home and they can actually be there with you in that physical setting.

#2.  Include your audience

Make it so that your audience is the hero as well. 

That was a heroic journey that I went on and if you can resonate with being in a place of struggle, overcoming something and then having success on the other end, that is a heroic journey.

Your audience can go along with you on that heroic journey because they're probably struggling with the same things that you are struggling with or that you have struggled with.

#3.  Your ups and downs

It's not all about successes. It's about really, really hard times. It's about how I couldn't work and do what I usually did, I couldn't do my passion. I was forced to stop. I was forced to come to a complete lockdown. I was forced to shut down everything that was familiar to me.

That is the ups and the downs, but what happened? Then there was the heroic journey that ended in overcoming those challenges and overcoming those obstacles. 

And the last point with how to tell your persuasive story on social media to help you to grow your healthy team all from home is:

 #4.  Feel... to show your emotions and to feel your emotions 

What emotion do you want your audience to feel?

What I demonstrated at the beginning of this... was that I wanted my audience to feel that there is hope in this lockdown... in this time that were all shut down. 

It doesn't mean that personally we have to be shut down. I know there's the virus and people are sick. I have friends who are sick and I always hope that it comes out well for them.

But if you are not affected by the virus, stay at home, keep your social distancing of course, but you don't have to shut down.

This is the time when you actually pour more energy into gaining your skills and the one skill that I recommend you focus on is how to tell a persuasive story. It will always help you no matter what you're doing in life.

Whether it's teaching a lesson, whether it's going online with your business, whatever it is... learning how to tell the persuasive story is what's going to help you.

The emotion I wanted my audience to feel, which is you... was hope, that there's hope during the lockdown.

It's not time for us to shut down. We don't have to. It's time for us to take this sharp, sudden shock and pivot, be resourceful in order to find where our next steps are... 

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I know you can do it too!


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