Welcome To Your Online Recruiting Video Series – Day 2 – Christine Adderson
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Welcome To Your Online Recruiting Video Series – Day 2

Read Your Prospects Mind

How To Get Facebook To Tell You Who is Ready To Join Your Business or Buy Your Products!

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My cousin Jimmy was telling me a story of how one Saturday morning he woke up to somebody knocking on his door. He puts on his robe and was greeted by a salesperson with a box of frozen goods.

The salesperson was dress sharply, had a big smile, and spoke faster than a hurricane (how typical right?) Apparently, on this beautiful Saturday morning, he was trying to sell what he claimed to be "top-of-the-line" steaks to my cousin.

My cousin was a bit groggy, and not very coherent yet... so he just couldn't manage to get rid of the annoying salesperson. No matter what excuses Jimmy came up with to NOT want to buy the steaks, the salesperson would quickly brush that aside.

Jimmy's wife, Margie, not sure what the commotion was all about, finally got herself out of bed, put on a robe and came downstairs.

She quickly analyzed the situation, saw that Jimmy was having a hard time getting rid of the salesperson, and did the one thing that finally worked.

She simply asked, "Do you have anything without meat?" 

Lo-and-behold he didn't! So she said, "We're vegetarians."

With that, the salesperson left. He just wasted 30 minutes of his time which cut into his profitability. 

Not only did the salesperson tick off my cousin and his wife (for waking them up Saturday morning) but he committed the one mistake that 90% of businesses make in their marketing...

Know Your Target Market

See, the salesperson did the one thing many businesses do -- especially within the realm of network marketing. He did NOT study his market (obviously his timing was bad too... nobody likes to be woken up from bed Saturday morning).

He had no idea whom he was talking to.

He had no idea if the residence of the house he rang the doorbell at would have the slightest interest in what he had to offer - steaks. (Or that he'd be talking to vegetarians!)

He was blindly marketing to random folks with the hope that they would buy. 

How To Find Your Perfect Customer

When you are marketing your business, you always want to have an idea as to whom you are targeting. You have to figure out who would realistically be interested in your products; who would be most likely to be the purchasing agent of your services?

Figuring this out will end up saving you a lot of advertising money, time, and head-aches.

You see, too often network marketers fail because they are convinced that EVERYONE is their target market, which is simply NOT TRUE!

They spend all their time, effort, and energy pitching their product and opportunity to everyone they know, without regard for interest level or need.

The result? Well it's like trying to "sell steaks to a vegetarian".

See, it's not that the product is not worthy. It's just that without finding a NEED and WANT in their prospects, these network marketers have no idea if there is a REAL tangible need for that product, and have no idea how to get in touch and connect with the people in the world who actually would be open to listening to a product or opportunity pitch...

So before you even start thinking about spending money online ads, conjure up an image of the perfect customer for your products/services. Understand where they are coming from.

Ask yourself:

What problems of theirs can I help solve?

What questions of theirs can I help answer?

How do I relate to them?

What is my unique about what I have?

Why should they give a poop about you and your product/service?

Answering these questions will help you in writing and coming up with an internet marketing campaign targeting your ideal customer.

Here is an example of how to use the Target Market Model...

Here is your own Target Market Model to fill out for your own product, service, or opportunity...

The Hummingbird Feeder

"Hmmm.... Free nectar... interesting."
Yep, this is exactly what a hummingbird is thinking about the irresistible nectar in the bottle.

Now listen closely, cause this is where the light bulbs start going off...

When I put my hummingbird feeder out to attract hummingbirds to my window, I researched into everything about hummingbirds...

What do they eat, what is their life cycle, where do they nest, how long do they look after their young, what is their primary source of food/energy, etc.

Part of me had to "become" a hummingbird in order to understand them enough to attract them.

This is the exact same principle that we use with Attraction Marketing.

We "become" our perfect prospect!  Then we can market to them effectively.

Next, I am giving something free to my hummingbird friends, so that in exchange they will visit just outside of my window and I can watch them daily.

The hummingbirds are benefiting and so am I!!  It's a win/win situation!

Now, what about the list...

The Money Is In The List

What the hummingbird feeder is doing is offering something of value to the birds.  But there's an added benefit...

The parents teach their offspring that this is where they can come for nectar, which will help them to have more energy to carry out their daily activities.  So, the offer of value is passed down from generation to generation.

The hummingbirds come back, year after year, to find my offering.

This is in essence what we want to do in Attraction Marketing...

We are creating a list, built over time, with education and value.

Each person in that list volunteered their information to be there.

This is the marketing business.  The money is in the list.

The single most important concept you're taught first in network marketing is on making a list, however that's not really what this is.

What you and most other business owners need to do is build a list of INTERESTED people!

Your business, no matter what product or industry, is leaving millions of dollars on the table by not building a proper list.

Allow me to put this in perspective...

Let's take some of the big time network marketing greats who have a strong presence online - like Eric Worre, Mike Dillard, Ray Higdon, Sonia Stringer, Sarah Robbins, etc.

Each have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on their email list and on social media!

Take away their home, cars, offices, millions of dollars, but leave them with only their list of subscribers, (a list they already have a relationship with and they would be perfectly fine, able to build an empire again.

Your list is your business, not your products.

For your network marketing business, imagine if you had the ability to attract people online who are actively searching for a business opportunity or even just learn how to make some extra money from home...

Do you think, they'd be slightly more qualified that your broke Uncle Bob who only wants to watch football and guzzle beer?

Of course!  And you don't have to imagine, cause it's real!!

In fact, on the internet there are not only people who are actively looking for an opportunity like yours, but may even be looking to purchase products you sell through your networking business.

If you do things right, it could be your business!

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In the next issue of your Attraction Marketing Video Series I'll be showing you the mechanism that will build your hummingbird feeder/customer and prospect list, 24/7, while you sleep, eat or are out at a movie with the one you love!

To Building Your List the Right Way,

Christine Adderson

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