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How To Create A Powerful & Irresistible Brand

…even if you don’t have a logo, or website or professional profile pic!Did you know you’re already creating a brand online, whether you’re looking to grow an online business or not? YOU have a brand—regardless of whether you have a logo or fancy website, or not. And look, people talk about “branding” a lot, especially online, but […]

How To Use The Power Of Story Telling

Storytelling is a very powerful way to get and hold people’s attention, and in this age of social media we need to stand out, be different in order to get noticed. Find your story and use it to help others to connect with you while you build an everlasting brand. I’m about to guide you to learn […]

Go Live With Confidence

Going Live is THE best way to get exposure on social media…going Live With Confidence is even better! Pressing that Go Live button can be nerve wracking  when you’re starting out for the first few times, or maybe every time…perhaps your first thought would be to run away, rather than push that button! I know it sure […]