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How to use VIDEO on SOCIAL MEDIA to attract more team mates and customers

Did you know that by 2021, there is a prediction that video will represent about 82% of internet traffic.

That is a big impetus to start using video if you're not already.

There are two kinds of video...Live video like you might do on Facebook or YouTube, and videos that you can make into one minute snips, three to five minutes snips.

If you are not already using video on social media, this is a great time to start.

If you are already using video on social media then here's some interesting factors to consider to help you to get a difference happening.

I'm going to give you four tips here that will show you how to use the power of video on social media... 

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#1.  Loyalty and intent

If people are searching for your lives or searching for your videos or if they're returning to your videos, that will rank you higher, especially on Facebook.

If people are saving your videos, which means that they can then return to them, that will rank you higher or if people are searching you out for your lives or your videos, that will help you to rank higher also. So keep that in mind...the loyalty and intent factor.

#2.  Video length and duration

So that means... do people watch your video for more than one minute? If yes, then you will rank higher. That one minute mark is what you're going to shoot for... for people to watch your video.

The first minute has to catch people's attention and keep their attention for a minute. And then from there on... a lot of the people will watch it and keep watching. 

Do people watch your video for that first minute and are your videos generally longer than three minutes?  Three to five minutes seems to be a sweet spot for videos but for Live videos, I would say don't go over 10 minutes.

Ten to twelve minutes seems to be the sweet spot for Live videos.  

#3.  Originality

Do your videos have lots of value, are they refreshing? Do they bring information or entertainment to your audience? And are they not sourced from other places? Are they original content?

Are you making your videos yourself and are you bringing the content that's original to you... to your audience.

People want original content, they want to learn something new. It's not something that they've already heard or if it is... it needs to have a slightly different twist to it.

#4.  Facebook Lives

...or YouTube Lives.  They are getting about six times more engagement than regular videos. So if you are not doing Facebook or You Tube lives yet, it's time to start... it's time to jump in and get started on it.

That is really going to make a difference for you. It's going to help you to get more eyeballs on your stuff. Facebook actually gives priority to people who are doing Facebook lives by six times more engagement.  

I have a few questions for you... so if you had a video strategy, what would it feel like to you?

How would it feel if you had a video strategy that was all figured out for you so you knew that you weren't wasting your time?

And how would it feel... if you had a sequence of flow to your videos that was the least amount of time consuming but also very effective? 

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What do you think is the percentage that people prefer to watch video over reading a blog? 

it's 80%...80% of people want to garner their information and collect their data through video! 

That is pretty indicative that we need to focus on video. And if you don't know how to do video...

you can get my strategy to help you with your videos and a sequence of flow to attract more team mates and customers

It's not that is the way to go. 


  • Loyalty and intent - do people return to your videos? Do they search for you? How are you going to accomplish that? ​
  • Video length and the video duration - do people watch for at least one minute? That's your goal. That will get you more engagement on social media if they're watching for at least a minute.
  • Originality - make sure your content is original. It doesn't have to be completely earth shattering new information. But it does have to have a twist on it... that is yours so it's original to you. That will also help you make a difference with your video exposure on social media.
  • Facebook lives because they get six times more engagement.

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