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How to present with POWER on SOCIAL LIVE

Are you doing lives but it doesn't feel very powerful? ... or you're not getting a good response. Or perhaps you're not doing lives at all?

I'm going to give you three tips that will help you with all of these scenarios.

But first, I have a few questions for you...

How do you really show up when you show up on your lives? Are you desperate? Are you focusing on the sales rather than the impact that you can make with people?

You are a leader... when you go on live, you are the leader. You are the presenter. 

These are three tips that will help you to be that leader... be the presenter and help your prospects in the end to say yes to you.

#1.  Turn your attention to your prospects

Take it away from yourself and turn it over to your people. Turn it over to your prospects, relate to your prospects. 

I was just viewing and evaluating a couple of Lives yesterday... and in both instances, I said to the people doing the Lives, when your prospect comes onto a Live, they're going to say,
"what's in it for me?" 

Think about your prospect.

They need to know that you are understanding them and supporting them.

Even if you're not timid and you're feeling fine pressing that blue go Live button... maybe you want to improve your Lives... maybe you want to improve what you're doing on your Live. 

Relate to your prospect first, take it away from you and then your timidness doesn't even matter, does it?

It's all about them anyway and how you can impact their lives... helping them to feel that they're understood.

Also evaluate what problems are you helping them solve? So again, this is relating to your people... relating to your prospects. What problems are you helping them to solve? 

You want your prospect to come onto your Live and say... "I have to commit to stay on any presentation that you're doing." 

"I want to listen because this is talking to me", and that's where you get their curiosity at the very beginning.

They stay on because they're thinking "you're talking to me," "so I need to listen to this."

#2.  Share your down moments

I know that is hard because everybody wants to be presenting at their top but life's not like that... so share your down moments, share your problems.

Share a story about something that you did maybe that wasn't very effective.  Then people, your audience, your prospects will look at you and they will say, 

"Oh, she's just like me or he's just like me. I can relate to this."

"And what are they doing now that I can mimic perhaps?"

So when you're watching my Live, what could you do that you could mimic from my Live to integrate within what you're doing with your social media strategy?

#3.  Talk about the results that you've had

They can be as small or as big results as you want to talk about. It doesn't matter the level of the results. Just talk about something that's going to relate to your people.

So I could say something like,  "You know, when I started out, I didn't even know how to tag someone on social media, (which is true by the way), and now I have a thriving business where I'm talking to people all the time and getting 300 leads a week," something like that...

Another example might be... "I was copy and pasting messages, sending people messages to put my links on their wall because I was told to do that... and I was getting nowhere. I was feeling so horrible doing that and now I've got people to talk to every single day... and I feel good about what I'm doing." 

So that's an example of sharing your results no matter how big or no matter how small.

It comes down to that it's not about you... you're live, your presentation is not about you at all. 

So then if you take "YOU" out of it, you're not scared or timid to press that go live button and you can work on improving yourself because you're listening to your audience and what they need. 

Then your prospect then has a vision of of what the next step might be, where they can go because they can use you as a model.

Let's review here:

  • put your prospect first and relate to your prospect.
  • share your "underdog" moments or your mistakes or something that didn't quite work out for you.
  • talk about the results that you had

Now you're set to do your Lives and be powerful!

And if you find yourself asking this question, "how do I generate leads online?" I ask people that question and they're like, "I don't know what you mean?"

How do you really generate leads online? And I mean 300 leads a week. How does that happen?

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