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5 Key components of exposure on social media

Do you ever find yourself getting so overwhelmed?

Online recruiting has so many choices right now.

Do I go on Instagram? Do I go on LinkedIn? Do I go on Facebook? Do I go on TikTok? Which one?

When, how, where?  There's so many choices you just don't know where to go?

I'm going to give you five key components of social media and how they are functioning now and give you an update of what's happening now so that you can know where to be, when to be and why to be.

Things are changing so quickly.  Three to four or five months ago, I would have said that you need to start with one platform and master that platform before you go onto others.  

Now, a few months later, things have changed.  Now I would say the best idea is to not only master one platform, that's always a good idea, but to also go onto others for recuiting into your business.

Here's a blueprint that will take away the overwhelm that your possibly facing and help you to clarify further the endless choices out there.

Let's jump into the 5 key components of social media now!

#1.  Groups

Groups have been pushed a lot.

There are systems around using groups to grow your teams.

I'm finding, (and I know a lot of top people that I'm talking to and working with agree), that groups are not getting that much engagement anymore. 

I advise you to experiment with that. Test and see what your results are.

It seems like groups are going a little bit down with the amount of reach that they're getting.

#2.  Lives

Lives are absolutely the best for exposure. They are the best for getting engagement, getting reach and getting your content out there because you get priority when you do a Live.

I did a live a couple of days ago about this so if you want to know more about doing lives and the benefits of them, then go back and find that live from a couple of days ago.

So lives are the absolute best. Still keep doing those.

#3.  Stories

Stories are really up and coming. They show your personality.

They're becoming very popular and they're being pushed on the various different platforms. So Stories are very good.

You can do three to five stories a day. You don't have to limit, you can do as many as you want...they're fun and they get you out there.

So I would say master Stories. Figure out how to do your Stories and master those.

#4.  Messenger

A few months ago, messenger was not that big and I was using messenger quite a lot.

And I would actually have people saying to me, messenger is not what you should be using for business. Email is used for business.

Now it's turning around... messenger is becoming more of a professional venue for you to talk about business. So I would say messenger is great for connecting, great for solving people's problems and great for promoting too.

Messenger is a key to growing your business these days on social media.

So master stories and master messenger.

#5.  Paid advertising

Paid ads on the different platforms are very effective.  I have used paid advertising quite a bit and have gotten really good results.

You can target very specifically... it's the best way for you to target your audience very specifically.

Let's review:

  1. Groups, (questionable)
  2. Lives (the best)
  3. Stories (master those)
  4. Messenger (master those)
  5. Ads (very good as well, but you need to know what you're doing) 


Like I said at the beginning, all of the advice used to be stay on one platform. Master that and then go to another one but now I think go onto more than one platform.

An example might be you do 70% of your time on Facebook, 20% on Instagram and then 10% on LinkedIn, YouTube, Podcast, TikTok... any of those.

That's just an example of how you might divide your time up... because we're seeing that the whole world is changing isn't it?

Along with going on more than one platform, master stories and master messenger.

This is how you are going to teach your TEAM...

Get together a system that you can master stories and master messenger and that will be your duplication system.

You can use stories in so many different ways... which then leads to messenger.

You have content which connects with people on stories then it goes to messenger and then you have a conversation in messenger. This allows you to have a community of people to engage with in messenger.

You have that community and it's like a list and then from there you can create conversions.

Pick one that's your major platforms. Say Facebook... spend 70% of your time on that major platform. Then 20% on another one that's secondary, maybe Instagram, and then 10% on maybe LinkedIn, YouTube or Podcasts. Tik Tok is becoming pretty big as well.

Master your stories and your messenger so that you can create a mini funnel that is duplicatable for your team. Teach them how to use stories and then that leads into messenger.

Messenger is just going to get better and better. The improvements are coming so I would really focus time on messenger. Messenger is a more professional outlet now than it used to be and stories are coming up and up.

Please leave your messages if you found this valuable.  And let me know...

What are you going to implement from this information?


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