Go LIVE with CONFIDENCE – Tips to build self-confidence and business results! – Christine Adderson

Go LIVE with CONFIDENCE – Tips to build self-confidence and business results!

Are you fearful of maybe pushing that blue "Go Live" button and going Live?

I'm going to give you some tips to build self confidence, which will then translate to building better results with your business so you can go live with confidence.

I remember watching my kids when they were growing up, they would just take new tasks and new activities that were presented to them and they just go for it!

They just jumped in with enthusiasm.

So what happens when we get past our childhood years? 

What happens is that we have experiences... things that happened in our life and maybe they're negative, but we remember that and then they become beliefs.

So we believe a certain thing and those beliefs lead to thoughts... and those thoughts then lead to our feelings and our actions.

Beliefs --> Thoughts --> Actions

This typically happens around puberty because then we have outside influences that become important to us. We realize that people are judging us. Other people's opinions become important to us.

I'm going to show you some tips here that will help you and this will then help you to build your business online.

#1.  Keep your promises

You have good intentions to build your list online and your business and your team. You may have a plan, you may know exactly what you are going to do.

You're going to contact five people on social media. You're maybe going to engage with people, you're going to write your email, whatever ever it is... you have a good plan.

But then things happen... you get busy, daily activities happen. Maybe there's an emergency in your family, whatever... it happens and then things fall by the wayside.

And then what happens is you find excuses. You know, "I can't really work on my business today because I'm tired because I stayed up late watching movies," or something like that.  

Excuses are lying to yourself.

And by lying to yourself, I mean like even the slightest little hint of a lie.

You start to have a reason not to do what you set out to do with your good intentions.

Set a promise for yourself and keep that promise  

 It's a promise that you make to yourself. I promise myself that every day I will do these minimum activities that will help my business.

It's an internal promise and it has to be small, so that it's achievable. A small promise, like you are going to contact two people today. You're going to engage with two people.

 And as you then get good at doing to people and keeping that promise to yourself, then you can start to increase it.

#2.  Celebrate yourself

When you have kept the promise to yourself, make a big deal of it. 

It's important because that will build your self confidence as well.

So as you make sure that you're keeping your promises to yourself, that builds your self confidence. The second step is to celebrate yourself and that builds yourself confidence.

#3.  Notice self doubt

And now the third step is to notice when your self doubt comes in.

Awareness is where it starts. 

You have good intentions for the day and then you start to think,  "what makes me think I could do that? I don't think I could do that."

Now you are aware that it is happening. 

#4.  Replace it with positive

Take that negative self doubt and replace it with a positive thought.

"Of course I can do it. And if I can't do it, maybe I can do it in a smaller step" 

Maybe you can have a smaller portion or less of a commitment.

This is not going to happen overnight. It will take time depending on how long you have been beating yourself up with self doubt, which we all do.

#5.  You are attractive!

If you are self confident, you will attract more people to your business because you are attractive!

You will attract more people who want to be on your team or people who want to work with you and you will emit that self confidence from you, which is attractive. 

You are perfect the way you are.

You don't need to change anything except creating more awareness.

  • Make sure you're not lying to yourself
  • Celebrate yourself
  • Notice self doubt and replace with positive

Get out there and push that blue Go Live button. Work on your self doubt, work on your self confidence.

Realize that your self confidence as you build it, and as you grow, it will help you to build and grow your team because people will be attracted to you. You are perfect. 

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