How to get the unfair ADVANTAGE on SOCIAL MEDIA – Christine Adderson

How to get the unfair ADVANTAGE on SOCIAL MEDIA

The environment has changed, so how can we still be seen?

Do you ever find yourself alone looking at your own stuff on social media and nobody else is seeing you? 

It can be so frustrating to be working away daily, and yet the results you're getting are far from what's needed.

I'm going to show you the best way to be seen on social media and how to have that advantage that I'm talking about in three easy steps.

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Have you ever heard of the theory of consumption?

If you haven't, it's very important for us on social media.

Right now, I can't tell you how many messages I'm getting into my inbox daily where people are saying, "join my team... buy my stuff... look at what I'm doing... too bad you missed out on this."

Or... "look how well I'm doing"... 

So the theory of consumption is that a customer needs to consume at least one hour of your content for every $1,000 that they will spend with you.  

Let's think about that for a second. They need to spend one hour with you consuming your content in order for them to then decide to spend $1,000 with you.

So now on social media, what types of content do you have? Some are; written posts, you've live video and recorded video.

We have different avenues that we can use for getting our content out there

If someone looked at a written post, how much time would that take them? Whereas if someone looking at recorded videos, it would be anywhere between one and three minutes, how many of those would you need to get up to your one hour? 

Let's look at live video. Let's say you did a live video - the ideal time for a live video is between 12 and 15 minutes.

That's not very many live videos that someone then has to consume in order to really get to know, like, and trust you (reaching the 1 hour of time consuming content).

Step #1.  Start a relationship with your audience

Are delivering value all the time? Are you solving their problems?

There's no pitch, there's no selling, there's no closing. It's just value.

You're probably like me seeing so many messages in your feed. People are pitching, they're pushing, they're trying to close people. There's no value there.

So our first step is to start a relationship by delivering value consistently, continually, and solving problems.

If you go to my YouTube channel or on Facebook live, you'll see I have hundreds of educational videos for people to consume. That's me working towards getting that one hour for people get to know, like, and trust and then become a customer.

Step #2.  Convert

You don't put offers in front of people who don't know who you are.

You need to find people who know who you are. Your audience needs to be warmed up.

On Facebook and YouTube, you can see who watches your videos, you can see who watches your live videos and how much of that live video that they watch in a percentage.

You can then put ads in front of them, and this is how you can get more of your content out there, get more of your people seeing your information.

Your content then can now go to more educational material... say a webinar, a training event, a lead magnet that you might have.

If all these terms don't make sense to you, then I suggest you plug into my free training which we'll explain a little bit more about that, actually a lot more about that in detail.

The absolute best way is to go Live and then go into the conversion stage. The purpose of the conversion step is to get a commitment of some sort from people.

...whether that's a purchase or whether it's getting their information.

#3.  Retarget

Step number three is to retarget those people.

People need to see things more than once, more than twice, and probably close to seven times before they're close to making a buying decision.

You need to stay in front of them... on top of their mind. And if you're on top of their mind, that will lead to more sales. Absolutely.

Remember that one hour theory that I talked about... it's not my theory... but you can read and research about it. 

You want to show your content to your potential prospects or your potential customers. So people need time to think about it, don't they?

They need to time to do their own research, and they need time to get to know your brand better.

They will have objections... they will have doubts and they will have questions. So in this third step, this is where you can address their objections, their doubts and their questions that they might have.

And this is the place that then you can work towards retargeting them.

To review quickly, we talked about how to get the unfair advantage on social media.

With so many people now jumping on because they're at home, the logical conclusion is to jump on social media.

But there are ways to do that and ways not to do that.

I talked about the theory of consumption and I talked about three steps that you can use to work with your customers and to warm them up until you can then present to them.

It's not an overwhelming push or a sales pitch or a closing. You can have customers that are warmed up and behind you.

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