Digital networkers need this right now, more than ever before… – Christine Adderson

Digital networkers need this right now, more than ever before…

Stuck, and safe, at home was a reality for me 2 years ago...a little bit different from the reality of our world today, but still I was stuck, and safe, at home.

Bed ridden with a spinal injury was my stuckness that caused my life to fall apart and then build back up again in a completely different way, using automation and three key steps.

I'm going to help you to do it in a way that doesn't make you feel slimy and doesn't make you feel horrible but in a way that makes you feel good about what you're doing...

More and more, I'm seeing posts, and I'm getting messages coming into me where people are starting to come from a place of money orientation rather than coming from the place of a servitude or providing options to people in need.  For examples of social media posts that you can use now go here.

They're coming from the place of an opportunity to make money online and behind the scenes their company is pushing them to do certain things that they don't feel really good about.

I spoke to a woman just the other day and she told me that she was being told to go to people and ask them if she could post her link on their wall.

She was being told to do this, all of the representatives were being told to do this.

She said to me, "I don't want to do that. I'm not going to do that. That makes me feel really horrible and a lot of my other team members don't want to do it either."

I then helped her to get on the road to doing it with integrity.  

So let's jump in!

What our businesses need right now, more than ever before, are these three key steps that will always be the road to integrity.


In order to attract people, you need to know your audience and you need to know them in such detail... that you live through the life of your audience. 

I like to relate this to communicating with a different species. So if you were getting to know a different species, how deeply and how intensely would you need to listen to them to be able to communicate with them?

If you wanted to communicate on a very high level and have a good relationship with being from another species... how much would you have to listen to them?

Because you are not that species, you have to turn up your senses high so that you can understand that species more.  You have to know what they eat, perhaps,  you have to know how they interact with their fellow members of their species.

You have to know what makes them comfortable, what stresses them out... how do they avoid stress, what do they do in a stressful situation?  What is the most comfortable utopia that animal might be looking for?

If you approach your perfect prospect in that way... with that depth, that's how you get to  know your audience well.

I know that sounds very different... but that's what I'm known for actually... is presenting things in a different way and in a way that perhaps you can assimilate it.  Perhaps it makes more sense to you and the words that I'm using resonate with you. 

Next, you want to know where your prospect is going, where you're going to lead them...

Can you cause your idea is becoming their idea through knowing the psychology and knowing the process?

If you know the end goal of your customer journey you can strategize to get that running smoothly and efficiently.

This step by step guide will show you how to attract your perfect prospect so you can work with integrity and have more leads and sales rolling in every day, without you having to feel slimy or sacrafice freedom.

The third part of attracting people is to ask yourself... "what would be of value to my perfect prospect?"

Now you know who your prospect is, you know where you want them to go, so now what would be of value to them?

What are they interested in?  What are they needing? What problems do they have that I can solve right now?

If you look at the current situation; if you look at your audience, they are now staying at home. So what might be happening in their lives? Are they struggling with the idea of not having social contact or not being around people?  

They're feeling isolated perhaps?

Now, what you can solve for them?

You're going to be the person who's going to bring their spirits up...attracting them through positivity, not negative.

This is where I see a lot of people making mistakes. Approaching it from the negative.

Saying something like,  "Aren't you wishing that you had a home based business right now?" or "I'm so glad that I've built my home base business and I'm working online because that's where it's at right now."

Those kinds of things... that's approaching it from the negative and not from the positive.


When you engage with your audience, you want to absolutely make sure that it's an authentic connection.

Now, what does authentic mean? 

It means, you are the real deal or there's no hidden agenda.

You are genuinely interested in someone else and you ask questions to show that you're interested. That is the authentic connection.

Ways that you can reach out to people and engage with them:

#1. messenger

It's important to know how to use messenger to use it with integrity and to get conversations going because that's where it all starts... and you can choose to go slowly or you can choose to go fast.

What really matters is that it's authentic, it's honest, it's genuine because people can see when it's not... even though it's on messenger, even though it's over the internet, people can still figure it out. You can't hide this stuff.  

#2.  telephone 

You can phone them... but in this day not so many people do that. Some people still like it. You have to find what your audience likes.

Do they like phone calls? You can still do it in person...well, not these days, but there's still is doing it in person.  

#3.  Zoom

... a video conferencing software that will help you to engage with your audience.

Schedule the zoom call to chat.   You may do it from messenger first and then you schedule the zoom, and then you go in and you talk, you ask questions with a genuine interest of their life like what they're struggling and where they want to go.

The third part of attract, engage and promote is the promotion.


When you promote it's important that you also come from a place of integrity and clarity. 

This is where you need  a "call to action." A very clear call to action on your live videos, your posts, etc... a very clear and concise call to action about what you want people to do next.

Because by the time you're promoting, people are looking to you as a leader. You have become the person where they go to to ask questions.

So now they have become what's called a lead. They have given you permission to promote to them. And only then can you promote.

TIP:  observe the 80-20% rule where you're only promoting very directly 20%. The other 80% is value.

Let's summarize:

More and more where people are thinking that this is an amazing opportunity because people are staying at home.  

What do they do when they stay at home and they're not out to work? They're on their computers or their phones and they're checking things out.

Understanding attraction marketing, know how it works, and implementing it with automation will create your perfect business that gives you the time freedom you're looking for.


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What are you going to do now to implement this? 

And what are you going to listen for?   What is it that you are going to listen to now after this that you maybe wouldn't have listened to before? Let me know below in the comments.

Christine Adderson

My passion is to empower people with the entrepreneurial spirit to create the online lifestyle business of their dreams. I teach valuable skills and social media strategies to get more leads, team members and sales.