How to build a solid TEAM using SOCIAL MEDIA – Christine Adderson

How to build a solid TEAM using SOCIAL MEDIA

Having a team can be challenging when people start to leave.

Think about it, what's the point of building a team just to have them drop off like flies? 

Even though teams are known to have high attrition rates...

building for SOLID can be done.

I'm going to give you five qualities that will help you to develop to become a successful leader for your team, whatever business you are in... which will lead to more sales.

It was never smooth sailing for me when I got started.

After learning from key people in the industry and my own mistakes, I'm able to reveal techniques and strategies when it comes to leadership and getting your prefect prospect to find you.

As we go through these five qualities, I'd like you to evaluate yourself, where you might be within each of these qualities.

How to build a solid team using social media

And you know, it doesn't matter where you are because always with something like this, with developing your own leadership, it takes a while...  

it takes time, it takes a long while.

It takes maybe three, or five years from the time you start actually focusing on it to become the successful leader that you are looking to be.

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A successful leader is an influencer who inspires? Have you heard that before? Have you heard the word influencer?  And does it make sense to you?

I know that it didn't really make sense for me. And when I did figured out what it meant, then that's when my business really started to turn around and be successful.

When I figured out what it was to be an influencer....

And you know it's fine to have your business page and your followers and everything,...

But until you get to the point where you can actually influence people in a very positive way, that's when your business will start to turn around.

A leader's primary responsibility is to lead, of course, right? 

And the foundation of good leadership is along with vision, courage, integrity, humility and focus.

So let's get into the five qualities...

#1.  Vision


You have to have a super vision.

A vision that is so big... it's so huge that you are passionate about... that when you speak, you can actually help people to see your vision.

When you are a person who knows where you're going and you have that very strong vision... that is going to attract people to you because they like to follow people who know where they're going.

People want a leader, they want to follow someone, they want to follow someone who knows where they're influencer.

#2.  Problem Solver

When you are in business you always have problems.  Even when you're starting out, you have problems.

Then when you're in business for a few years, you have problems, they're just different problems, but you always have problems.

And part of being a problem solver is having the courage.

Have you ever been in a situation where a problem has cropped up and it may be a big problem, it may be a small problem, but it's felt to you like you have to muster up so much courage to overcome this problem?

Let me know if you have felt that before? Where you have a problem and it may be a small one, like I said, but it seems so huge to you that you need to find the courage somewhere to overcome that problem and problem solve.

And sometimes we just don't overcome the problem because we get into procrastination or feeling like it's just an unsurmountable problem... when really it's not.

And as a leader, you need to always solve your problems. Big or small. Problem solving is a key quality that we need to have and develop.

So if you evaluate yourself right now, do you have a good problem solving strategy when you have a problem? 

Do you avoid it or do you do it quickly and get it over with? Do you let it hang there in your head? Or do you take time but continually think about methods that you can solve your problem. In other words, are you being resourceful?

#3.  Integrity

Humility and independence are involved with integrity. 

Are you needy perhaps, or are you independent?

Do you just go out and jump in with two feet and know that somewhere down the line it's going to work out?

Or do you feel like you're kind of needy and you're always asking questions? Or do you know somebody on your team who is always needy, always emailing you, messaging you, and always having problems?

#4.  Focus

Words that are involved with focus are consistency. Like doing those small things every day... that are going to add up and compound so that one day it's a big deal.

If you're not consistent and you don't have that focus to keep your consistency, then things can fall apart. You get frustrated and you quit.  We all know about attrition rate with teams, whatever business you're in... the focus and the consistency will help you to build your brand every day.

Be very intentional in what you are doing every day.

Even if you just pick one, preferably three, activities that you intentionally do every day to build your business. And keep that focus and consistency.

#5.  Results

As a leader, are you getting results and are you helping others to get results? 

People like results. When we get results, we feel like we're getting somewhere and it's a reward so we keep going.

If people don't get results, we get discouraged and we quit. 

And actually, results are depending on your willingness to work.  

Face your fears, be results oriented, make things happen and create momentum.

If you were to look at your network of people, your team or whoever is working with you, could you say that you have influence with those people right now? 

Are you creating action not only in yourself but other people, Do you as a leader have the ability to inspire people? 

Are you being intentional with helping others daily to be inspired and get results themselves?

If you were to evaluate yourself again on the results part of this, where would you say you were?

Is it easy for you to inspire people and to get other people to take action and get results? Or is that something that's really hard for you?

I know for me...I tend to work really hard. So for me, it's harder to inspire people to get results for themselves.  



  • Have conversations with people
  • Drive traffic
  • Content creation

Let's just review quickly the five qualities of a good leader:

  1. Vision and a big vision.
  2. Be a problem solver. And that takes courage, doesn't it?
  3. Have integrity, have humility and be independent at the same time 
  4. Have focus, which means be consistent, do those small things...three daily activities: drive traffic, speak to people every day, and content creation.
  5. Results for yourself and help other people to get results. Create action in people so that you get momentum and use tools to leverage social media.

I made a free video training that outlines these things that I've talked about...

....driving traffic, creating content and talking to people every day as well as quality leadership to help you to build a strong, solid team.

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I implemented this strategy that then got me to have a very successful business. I would have 3 to 10 people everyday wanting friend requests... or driving so much traffic to me that I'd get 300 leads a week coming to me asking me what I'm doing.

That's how you leverage social media. Leverage the internet and use the power of it to get people coming your way so that you can build a solid team... where your attrition rate is fairly low because you're working on those five qualities of being a leader.


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