How to have a LARGE PRESENCE on SOCIAL MEDIA – Christine Adderson


To have a large presence on social media is to live large!

The other day, it was a family day and my family and I went to the Hot Springs. 

We were having lunch, figuring out what to order to eat, and my daughter said to me, "You gotta live large Mom....go for it"  

When we go out for lunch, we always like to order different things so we can share and learn about different recipes. We always like to order four different kinds of things and then everybody shares. 

And that got me thinking, what does it mean to live large?

Well you have two choices... and those two choices are:

#1.  You're learning and growing 


#2.  You're dying

Which one are you going to choose?  To live large, learn and grow or...?

So, we want to choose number one, don't we? We're going to talk about the learning and growing.
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And when you learn and grow, that's when you have the doors opening to you to have a large presence on social media.


Now we all have habits, don't we? We have habits or patterns that we follow... and some of those might include things like self sabotage.

Can anybody relate to that? Self sabotage? If you can relate to any of these that I'm going to list here, put a note for me below in the comments.

What about procrastination?

What about self doubt or self confidence?

And what about our inaction?

What about too much action? 

Can you relate to any of those?

Do you sometimes not take action when you know that you need to take action?  Or do you sometimes have self doubt about yourself, or you doubt things?

These are our habits and our patterns that will hold us back. Even action... if we take too much action in the wrong direction, that can hold us back.

Now let's talk about another area that will help you move forward. And that is measurements. Okay, so externally, verifiable data or measurements or some kind of charts that you use.


Those measurements are something that you need to set up. We all have smart phones these days, smart phones measure everything. You can measure anything and everything you want.

Set up some way to measure your progress.

Are you meeting your goals?

Are you making the sales that you want to make?

Are you following up with people? Are you improving?

What are those externally verifiable, measurable items that you need to take care of so you can move forward?

Okay, so we have two things. One, is habits that are holding us back and the other is measurements that are going to take us and move us forward.

I want you to think about those two things and now I'm going to give you ideas here that will help you in getting where you want to go.


And the first step is to identify where you are at...

How do you know where you are at?

First of all, you need to ask yourself three questions.

  • Do I need help?
  •  What kind of help do I need?
  • Who can help me?  

Ask yourself those three questions and that will then start to identify... indeed, if you need to do the second step, which is to ask for support and guidance

So you can do all of this social media stuff on your own, and you can probably get there, but it'll be slower...

Or you can ask those three questions that I just mentioned and decide whether you need to ask for support and guidance.

And now let's talk about asking.

There are four ways that you need to ask.

  1. Who are you going to ask?
  2. What are you going to ask?
  3. When are you going to ask them?
  4. How are you going to ask?

When you get those four things figured out... then you can go ahead and ask the person that you would like for guidance. 

That guidance will then give you a strategy and that will give you clarity. And that's how you will have a large presence on social media... when you get the guidance, you the have a strategy and then you have clarity.

You know, a lot of us were taught and we're conditioned to think it's a sign of weakness or it's a sign of ask for help.

When really, when you ask for help and you figure out who, what, when, and how... and you have a strategy behind your request for help... it is a sign of strength and courage.

It's not vulnerability, it's a sign of strength and courage.

I want to ask you now, if you don't ask for help, what would happen in your life? Can you imagine? If you didn't ask for help, what would happen?

Clarity gives you power. You ask for guidance and from that guidance, you get a strategy and from the strategy you get clarity and from clarity, you get power.

And that's how you have a large presence on social media.

Social media can be very complicated. There are lots of avenues... lots of things to do... tons of overwhelm that we can experience aren't there?

But when you get the guidance and when you get a strategy, then you get clarity, then you get power and you get your large presence.

So if this was value to you, please put a note for me below.

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Christine Adderson

My passion is to empower people with the entrepreneurial spirit to create the online lifestyle business of their dreams. I teach valuable skills and social media strategies to get more leads, team members and sales.