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How to PLAN to INCREASE social media ENGAGEMENT

Social media changes all of the time, doesn't it?  It's constantly evolving.  

How would you like to have a clear plan to follow that will increase your social media engagement?

That's what I'm going to give you today...four tips and a bonus at the end. So you'll want to read this to the end!

These 4 tips will help you to increase your social media engagement very effectively...

What would it be worth to you to always have a clear plan?.... so there's no confusion, there's no wondering what to do. 

Ready?  Let's dive in...


I just want to say quickly before we get into them that you always need to test your systems and your tools...I frequently am testing a lot of things especially my systems and my tools that I'm using, to find ways that are working now and then to make recommendations to you.
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#1  Do Stories

Everybody's talking about stories... they are getting so much attention. They're very prevalent on your phone when you bring it up - running straight across the top.

And there's lots of promotion around stories  too...

I wanted to make sure that you knew about the 3 different kinds of stories that you can do.

Each one has a different amount of engagement based on the amount of views.

  • Photo (selfie), no text, least viewed
  • Photo (selfie) with text
  • Video (selfie) with text on bottom, most viewed

It's good idea to experiment with all the fancy stuff that you can put on your stories.

However, I have looked at some research that says people prefer actually just to see you in your story, your surroundings, your environment, what you're doing without a whole bunch of clutter.

Again, test what works best for you. Whether you're going to put fancy stuff on your story or whether you're just going to keep it plain and simple.

#2 Do Lives

Lives are still super important.

Even though we now have the Stories feature on Facebook, lives are very important. So you need to be doing very consistent lives.

Three points I want to give you here...about Lives...

  • Always lead with value...always, always, always!!
  • Keep Lives to 10 - 12 minutes

#3  Turn ON Live notifications

Here's how to turn ON notifications for when you go live...

When you are on my live, there are three dots up at the top right corner. Click on those three dots and you will see a dropdown come down for you. 

If you have the notifications turned on, it will say turn live notifications off. So don't do anything. If you don't, it will say turn live notifications on. Click on that button to turn on live notifications.

Make sure you ask people to turn the live notifications on for when you go live. Very important.

#4 Clean your friends list

What are ways that you can clean your friends list?

Well, you can go through and if anybody has that default photo, just delete them. 

Another way is that when people have a birthday and you're sending out birthday wishes, if they don't respond, you can delete them.

Or if it's their birthday and it comes up... you look at them and you don't know this person. Say you haven't interacted with them for a long time, then you can just go ahead and delete them. 

Make room for new people coming in, new friends, because everything is always evolving. Everything is always changing.

Bonus tip!

One bonus point that I'd like to really focus on and is very, very important in social media right now is video... including live videos, which is what I've already talked about.

Videos... your live videos, videos in your stories as we talked about. And then just videos. 

Find out how you can get more videos up for people to watch and in front of people. That is what is trending right now and will be for several years to come.

Quick review...

I've given you four tips:

  1. Stories, the different kinds of stories in which one's viewed the most. 
  2. Three important points about live videos. 
  3. Turning on live notifications for your people.
  4. Cleaning your friends list up.

    I've given you a plan here that's very simple, very easy to follow. But if you're interested in a more detailed, involved plan to help you take your business online using social media, click HERE to discover a CLEAR PLAN for taking your business online the right way.

So these are some of the best ways I’ve found to increase social media engagement. Which part did you find most useful and which tip will you implement today? Let me know in the comments below! And if you found value in this training, share with your friends and teammates! 

Christine Adderson

My passion is to empower people with the entrepreneurial spirit to create the online lifestyle business of their dreams. I teach valuable skills and social media strategies to get more leads, team members and sales.

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