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How Magnetic Sponsoring works: attract endless new prospects & team members

Have you ever seen, at some point in your networking career, a well-respected, already-popular, and successful person join your company and almost overnight had dozens—if not hundreds—of people join their organization?

These people seem to create “instant” success, right?

All they seem to do is make a few phone calls, send a text or two, and a bunch of people join their team—just like that!

This is a phenomenon in network marketing I call the

 “unfair advantage”

BRAND BUILDING is an unfair advantage

These “overnight success” stories might even be brand new to the network marketing industry, but I can promise you this…

These people were already successful or popular in their day-to-day life.

Perhaps they were a successful professional or upstanding citizen in their community with a positive reputation.

These people already had a following and were highly regarded by their peers.

People already knew, liked, and trusted them.

And here's why this is so important…

People follow WINNERS!

And that, believe it or not, is the basis of branding.

A brand is a multiple of your following and your reputation.

Now, depending on your background, you might not have had that kind of reputation or a huge network of connections when you started.

In fact, MOST of us don't start out with an unfair advantage.

But imagine being able to create your own unfair advantage — even if you're at ZERO right now!

It's entirely possible and you likely already see it at work all around you in terms of the HUGE followings it's produced for some of the profession's biggest names, yet remains a closely guarded secret utilized by them, but rarely taught.

It's entirely possible for you too...simply click HERE and I’ll gladly send you a FREE copy of the exact training manual, which changed my life and career.

This “unfair advantage” for the average networker, first came on the scene in 2005, when a concept called “Magnetic Sponsoring” was first written about by a – then – unknown network marketer by the name, Mike Dillard, who had written about it as a training manual for his downline organization to grow his specific opportunity.

Copies of this manual soon started to spread and Mike eventually published a generic version of the manual.

This manual took a branding concept, which back then, was only utilized by the world's most successful networkers and turned it on its head, by showing how even the newest network marketers could use it to build teams fast, with no prior success in the profession or in business and without cold prospecting a single person ever again.

This concept, started a revolution and led to today's most successful online network marketers and the massive network marketing training brands you see today.

Chances are, if you are a network marketer on Facebook, you've seen what I'm talking about.

Yet, all these years later, these same leaders who have utilized the ‘Magnetic Sponsoring' strategies to grow their network marketing businesses and training brands, also still suppress this knowledge and don't share it with anyone outside of their inner circle, under the guise that “it isn't duplicatable”.

Well their organizations and training brands have certainly DUPLICATED millions of dollars for their businesses, so I say why not let Joe and Jane Networker decide for themselves what is and isn't duplicatable for them, right?

The irony is that, originally, ‘Magnetic Sponsoring' and Attraction Marketing System which came with it, was specifically designed to be a strategy to help the average network marketer — regardless of their background or current reputation — create that unfair advantage for themselves.

And there's lots of proof that it can work for anyone…

Brandy started using Magnetic Sponsoring exactly 3 years ago…

She lived in a small town, built a small team, and over the course of her first year made about $20,000 dollars in network marketing.

Not bad, right?

But because she lived in a small town, her team dwindled.

She ran out of prospects and ended up having to drive quite a few miles to prospect, recruit, and train her team.

She was ready to quit.

Then she found us and pretty much started from zero.

With hardly any computer skills, Brandy now has…

  • 73,000+ leads on her e-mail list
  • 23,000+ followers on social media
  • Produced over 2987 customers passively (paid for her upfront biz expenses)
  • She's personally enrolled hundreds of people into her organization
  • Sponsored 9 top earners into her organization – 6 of them six-figure leaders, and 2 seven-figure leaders, one of whom came out of retirement excited to build online for the first time..
  • She also now has multiple streams of income

Brandy is attracting the “whales” in the industry, and every single one of those whales reached out to her, looking for a home for one reason or another.

She never poached or prospected them.

They joined her because they saw the value in her Magnetic Sponsoring skillset and system.

Brandy also had a couple friends who lived in the same small town whom she also shared Magnetic Sponsoring ideas with…

Husband and wife, Whit and Cari were not in a great place when they started

…to put it mildly!

Living in Whit's mom's basement, they couldn't afford to buy groceries and had 2 babies to care for.

After three years of working with us, Whit and Cari now have:

  • 80,000 total leads on their email list
  • 24,000+ Social media followers
  • Generated 2747+ customers
  • Personally enrolled hundreds into their network marketing business
  • Sponsored 5 six-figure leaders into their organization

Not bad, right

In a nutshell, Magnetic Sponsoring skills first come from investing in yourself in a very specific way so that you can continue growing your value.

This is the secret to Magnetic Sponsoring...

  1. Demonstrating your value to attract followers i.e. your “network”.
  2. Build the value of your network by investing in your followers and helping them grow, which causes exponential growth for you.

The more you invest in yourself, the more you attract a larger following, and the more you invest in your team members, the more skills they'll have to create their own following/network.

I know that sounds really high level right now, so allow me to walk you through the three phases which Brandy, Whit & Cari and I went through to create an unfair advantage, using the Magnetic Sponsoring system.

Phase 1:  Training Wheels

First, I must admit, there are some old school network marketing skills which are timeless, evergreen and will ultimately be essential for you to learn. (Don't worry, I'm not talking about stalking strangers at malls or sending copy/paste messages to strangers! lol)

However, knowing how to train new people, build community, and develop leaders are network marketing skills which are essential to your ultimate success.

At the heart of it, Magnetic Sponsoring is exactly that, but also involves automating what can be automated and what can't be automated, at least make those activities much efficient, faster, and more leveraged.

The blending of these two worlds is what makes Magnetic Sponsoring so amazing.

That being said, you are not expected to build all the automation right away, 'cause I got you covered.

Remember, what I said about Magnetic Sponsoring being a ‘training manual'? Well it was a training manual for the Attraction marketing System, which Whit, Cari and Brandy first used and it's FREE! (But more on this later).

So now that you know you can leverage what we've already created, you need to…

Focus on one thing – attraction

Attracting your ideal prospects can be achieved by learning what is in my opinion, the number one skill in modern network marketing…

  • Sponsored Social Media Posts

Using sponsored social media posts (primarily on Facebook & Instagram) you will learn how to attract a never-ending supply of prospects, drawn from audiences of people whom we know are already open and positive about what we have to offer.

And once those prospects engage with your sponsored social posts, you'll use your Attraction Marketing system to invite them to be a part of your following/network – meaning they will have submitted their contact information, so you can follow-up.

You can reach out to them, you can e-mail them, and you can private message them on Facebook.

They gave you permission to discuss solutions related to building a network marketing business, so talk to them!

That puts you leaps and bounds ahead of most traditional network marketers.

Starting with this one critical skill, with Sponsored Posts, you start the process of rapidly building your following, faster than you could ever do with a personal profile, adding strangers as friends.

But in the beginning, this following won't know you very well yet, so don't expect people to be throwing themselves at you. (That comes later. Hahaha… no joke.)

Fortunately, the Attraction Marketing System will be giving them tons of value to keep them engaged and we'll show you a few things you can do every day to engage with them as well.

This helps build the rapport with them that you'll need and we'll even show you how you can earn income from the people who aren't interested or ready to join you, so you can pay for all your business expenses. (More on this later)

Next, it’s time to move into Phase 2.

Phase 2:  Brand Building

You now have some prospects in your network, and maybe you’ve converted a few folks into your business, but it's ok if you haven't yet.

Regardless of how many leads or new team members or sales you’ve made, the big win was this:

You've attracted people to converse and interact with you.

You can honestly tell people…

“Yes, I'm attracting prospects to me every single day.”

This marks the beginning of building your brand, cause you're getting results and naturally, your prospects – who probably don't want to do old school network marketing either – will want to know how you are growing your following/network. That positions you as an attractive leader whom they want to follow.

During this new phase, you switch all communication from the ‘Attraction Marketing System' to come exclusively from YOU. That's what we call…

Taking Over Your Network (or Following)

Now the messages & value being delivered to your prospects start coming from YOU.

You start to provide your own value to others, cause you've started to figure out this Magnetic Sponsoring stuff, and you'll know how to help others do what you did.

You send them emails, videos, FB lives and links to your own blog posts. You'll also share whatever other useful information you create.

That helps you build relationships with people – en masse, instead of prospecting 1-on-1 all day, everyday.

They get to know you. You develop a reputation for being a leader.

This is called investing in your network/following, so the value of that network grows.

Now, you’ll start following the 80/20 rule.

  • You’ll spend 80% – 90% of your time and energy delivering value
  • And you’ll spend 10% – 20% of your time promoting your business & enrolling people

Perhaps once or twice a month, you’ll hold an online presentation and invite people to check out how they might be able to work with you as part of your team.

At the end of the presentation, invite them to apply to work with you.

Then you’ll interview and select the people that you want to work with and join your team.

That's right: no more convincing! You are now interviewing and selecting the people you work with!

In the beginning, it might be everyone, but I guarantee you will get picky as time goes on. 🙂

As your following grows, the number and quality of people coming through that application process increases.

Now you’re 3 – 6 months into this process and you're in the “unfair advantage” territory.

Now you're only talking to the serious prospects – the ones who WANT to work with you

That is totally freaking awesome because in the process, guess what?

Your self-branded Attraction Marketing System (with our support) is a) training them on how to develop the skills for building online and b) is covering the costs of running your business – including autoship, tools, books, events and advertising – by monetizing the people who don't ever join you.

Speaking of which, as a little time passes…

The number of people coming into your network marketing business will grow steadily.

But most importantly, you’re creating an asset, consisting of…

  • Your network/following
  • Your own e-mail & phone list
  • Your own social media following

As your brand grows, you enter the final phase of Magnetic Sponsoring transcendence…

Phase 3:  Landing "Whales"

You’ll know when you transition into this phase, when you get your first email or message from a 6 or 7 figure earner who wants to talk to you about joining your team.

At this point, you're probably saying “Wait. What? They just message you? How is that even possible?”

I'm not kidding. It will happen when you discover your skills, your brand, and your results are growing so much that you start attracting influencers – the “whales.”

Industry leaders or professionals in other professions start seeing your content, and they start following you.

Ultimately, they will see the value of working with you and will reach out to connect, if something isn't going right where they are at or company is getting shut down. (This happens way more than you think!)


Network marketing is a business built on timing.

If you're attracting leaders, and something is “off” about their current source of income – guess who they’ll join?

And because you’ve developed your own Magnetic Sponsoring skillset, and have demonstrated results, value, and integrity, leaders will want to join you when it’s time for a change.

Now you heard earlier about Brandy and Whit & Cari's Magnetic Sponsoring story…

Here's my Magnetic Sponsoring story…

I first found Mike Dillard's book, after suffering from a severe spinal injury that led me to find something I could do to make money from my bed!  After a couple of months of following advice that I was given from my company, I was in debt, have a little success, and hated every minute of it. I was an introverted horse educator, doing things that were completely out of place for my personality and talking to people about my business – friends, family & strangers – who wanted nothing to do with what I was sharing.

I spent my 8 months with Magnetic Sponsoring in the training wheels phase...

I was learning the system, and getting familiar with the skillset.

The next 4 months I got serious about building my brand and then the magical momentum happened.

A few months after that is when I started landing the whales (Phase 3).

But these results – mine, Brandy, Cari, & Whit – also reflect a level of skill that needed to be acquired through hard work, study, implementation, and determination.

It's not gonna happen overnight and only you can determine whether it can happen at all.

If you want to take on things sooner and faster, that's okay.

With Magnetic Sponsoring and the Attraction Marketing System, you can learn and grow at your own pace

It is not a race.

It is however the best way to build a network marketing business, by far, in my humble but accurate opinion. 😉

So now you might be asking, “What's next? How do I get started? And what's the cost?”

Well, you can start in the same way I started and that's by getting yourself a copy of Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring book!

Except in your case, the book is FREE, as long as you can cover a little for shipping & handling. Plus it includes some pretty awesome bonuses, including the Attraction Marketing System I've been talking about.

Investing in yourself will be part of the journey, but we want to make getting started and getting educated first, as easy as possible for every network marketer who truly is looking for a BETTER WAY.

This is, by far, the most efficient (and fun!) way to build your business today.

These methods continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in network marketing.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click HERE and I’ll gladly send you a FREE copy of the exact training manual, which changed my life and career.

You'll be glad you did.

Christine Adderson

Christine Adderson

My passion is to empower people with the entrepreneurial spirit to create the online lifestyle business of their dreams. I teach valuable skills and social media strategies to get more leads, team members and sales.